The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Page No. 83 - 86

Police Trainees’ Baccalaureate Education and Their Performance in the Police Training Program

Authors : Paolo T. Lumanlan and Ma. Cristina B. Sangil

Abstract: College education is significant to the various facets of police work with the belief that higher education will significantly improve the quality of police services. Educational backgrounds in psychology, government, sociology, public management, communications, business, natural sciences and criminology serve to benefit police officers in various aspects of the job. However, after an exhaustive literature search, no work has been done to compare the performances of the police trainees when grouped according to their respective baccalaureate degrees. Therefore, this undertaking primarily aimed to determine the performance of the trainees during the 2011 Police Safety Field Training Program. Both descriptive and comparative research designs were used in this study. A total of 383 cases were purposefully selected using records review. Only those trainees who graduated from the degrees criminology nursing, education and engineering were considered. Then, written records of their demographic and training performances were carefully examined in order to address the objectives of this study. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics as well as inferential statistics using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Version 20. Results showed that there was a statistically significant difference between groups as determined by one-way ANOVA (F(3, 337) = 8.720, p = 0.000). A Tukey post-hoc test revealed that the performance of the trainees was statistically significantly higher among engineering graduates (87.47±1.44, p = 0.007) and nursing graduates (86.90±1.44, p = 0.000) compared to the criminology graduates (86.14±1.60). It is striking to find out that graduates of criminology who were theoretically-educated and practically-trained in policing, performed least among the four groups of trainees. Reasons for this phenomenon are still unknown and may serve as topics for future research.

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Paolo T. Lumanlan and Ma. Cristina B. Sangil, 2016. Police Trainees’ Baccalaureate Education and Their Performance in the Police Training Program. The Social Sciences, 11: 83-86.

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