The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Page No. 940 - 946

A Study of the Thought of Selected Muslim Intellectuals in Malaysia on Islam and Modernity

Authors : Maryam Shamsaie and Abdolreza Mahmoudi

Abstract: Nothing harassed the people of the Islamic world at the beginning of the 21st century as much as the ghost of modernity did. It had occupied a central place in the cultural and socio-political agendas of intellectual, social movements and state actors in the Islamic world and Southeast Asian region since the 19th century. This study is to examine the responses of the contemporary Southeast Asian movement especially the Malaysian Muslim intellectuals’ encounter with the Islamic science, modern science and technology, against the best of Islamic intellectual and cultural tradition. This country has produced many Muslim intellectuals. They have provided one of the finest approaches to the Islamic science and Modernity. The purpose of this study is to survey three contemporary Malaysian Muslim intellectuals’ approach to modernity in general as well as modern science and technology in particular. They comprise respectable educators, namely Muhammad Naqib Al-Attas, Mohd Hazim Shah and Osman Bakar. They represent the contemporary Muslim intellectual in the Malaysia. I have choose them for my studies as I hope that through this study, the significance of Malaysian Muslim intellectual and the influence of their ideas on the Islamic world can be clarified. I truly believe that this perspective would contribute further in the current discussion on Islamic science and technology. This study is part of an accumulated attempt towards the rise of an Islamic world view. It is hoped to bring greater result in the progress of science and technology in the Muslim world and this would be an impactful return to its past glory.

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Maryam Shamsaie and Abdolreza Mahmoudi, 2016. A Study of the Thought of Selected Muslim Intellectuals in Malaysia on Islam and Modernity. The Social Sciences, 11: 940-946.

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