The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Page No. 965 - 972

Concert of Europe and the Prevalence of Rationality in International Relation Theories

Authors : Faramarz Taghilou and Farhad Panahniya

Abstract: The Concert of Europe in 19th century was developed to adjust a balance of power system and prevent the Napoleonic ambitions to spread in Europe. The main objective of the concert was the unity of all states under the leadership of major powers, legitimizing the kingdom, regulating different matters and suppress the opposition who were inspired by the ideas of French Revolution. With the passage of the time and the establishment of various theories in international relations, the dominant atmosphere of the Concert of Europe twisted towards rationalistic discourses. In this study, in addition to examining the Concert of Europe and the related atmosphere, we want to explain its role in the prevalence of discourse of rationalism in theories of international relations. This study shows that the concert with all the power to create international diplomatic order has failed to maintain its attitude toward cooperation and integration against rationalistic ideas concerning national competition and conflict in theories of international relations. However, it has influenced the idea of creating and maintaining the nation-state as a key player in international relations. Hence, with all the ups and downs during different periods in international relations, Concert of Europe has been successful to affect the issues such as balance of power and nation-state system by its fundamental views.

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Faramarz Taghilou and Farhad Panahniya, 2016. Concert of Europe and the Prevalence of Rationality in International Relation Theories. The Social Sciences, 11: 965-972.

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