The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 6
Page No. 1056 - 1065

Psychological Interference on the Student’s Academic Writing Process

Authors : Fikri Asih Wigati

Abstract: Most of EFL English teachers often expect to help the students to solve their student’s essay writing problems. However, the approaches of dealing with the problems are not always appropriate since those teachers do not realize the importance of analyzing the student’s psychological interference and it’s solutions. Therefore, this study was aimed to find the student’s psychological interference in writing an academic essay and its solutions. The participants in this study were six students who enrolled in writing 3 class in the third semester of english education program in a university in Karawang Indonesia. The data were collected by way of two techniques, i.e., classroom observations and interviews with the writers. The data were later codified and juxtaposed in order to reveal the student’s psychological interference (anxiety, motivation and self-esteem). The findings show the basic level of language proficiency tended to have more psychological problems like anxiety, lack of motivation and lack of self-esteem. The upper-intermediate students tended to have higher self-esteem and motivation. Therefore, the teacher needs to solve the problems by reducing psychological negative interference through portfolio writing, collaborative writing, psychological engagement by way of consultation and giving rewards. The findings of the present study provide some recommendations for the next researchers who wish to investigate the same field and also for teachers and students to improve the teaching learning process especially writing an essay in EFL context.

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Fikri Asih Wigati , 2017. Psychological Interference on the Student’s Academic Writing Process. The Social Sciences, 12: 1056-1065.

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