The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 7
Page No. 1196 - 1200

Local Fisher and Collective Action in Palu Gulf Centre of Sulawesi

Authors : Haslinda B. Anriani

Abstract: Conflict between traditional fisher as local fisher with modern fisher as settler fisher had already conduct for long time. The conflict tended to raise social movement of fisher especially local fisher. This study tend to reveal forms of social action of local fisher to modern fisher and local government represented by Department of Fisheries and Marine, Regional People’s Representative Council and Major of Palu City. To answer the statement above, I interviewed various informants with details as follows: 25 persons from local fisher, 6 person represented by NGO and 3 persons from local government. The all informants choose by using snowball sampling technique. Furthermore, support data as secondary data acquired from documentation analysis such as demography and geography data of statistical agency and data from the NGO. The result of research namely: firstly, the forms of social movement by local fisher were verbal abuse, quarrels, demonstrations and protests, secondly by the initiative of NGO to empowering the local fisher the traditional actions being organized from sporadic and violence to organized such as conduct advocate to government officially.

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Haslinda B. Anriani , 2017. Local Fisher and Collective Action in Palu Gulf Centre of Sulawesi. The Social Sciences, 12: 1196-1200.

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