The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 7
Page No. 1221 - 1227

Integration of Science According to Al-Quran: Analyza in Terms of Education

Authors : M. Amir HM

Abstract: Integration of science has become a serious scientific discourse now a days among muslims as an expression of concern future of muslim generations when science and technology penetrated into all the joints of human life which may be caused mankind to be separated from the spiritual values of religion. One effort to overcome this is by integrating the science of religion and general science by using the normative theological approach, namely the efforts to integrate the science of religion that makes the argument of naqliyah as its main base with general science that makes the argument of aqliyah as its main base is the command of Allah SWT that must be socialized to all Muslims. The first Al-Quran verse down to Muhammad SAW is a read command without specifying what to read. Cleric of interpretation to understand that which must be read is qauliyah verse and verse kauniyyah. On the basis that all the verses of the Al-Quran that do not show explicitly object then interpreted to the general meaning. Thus the integration of science is the command of Allah that must be manifest in the life of mankind. One of the most effective vehicle is through education that is believed to contribute greatly to change the mindset of mankind.

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M. Amir HM , 2017. Integration of Science According to Al-Quran: Analyza in Terms of Education. The Social Sciences, 12: 1221-1227.

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