The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 7
Page No. 1264 - 1269

Survey of the Status of Young Athlete’s Law Abidance in Iran: Obstacles and Solutions

Authors : Ali Ghanbari Barzain

Abstract: As a social action field and a major cultural industry, sports has an important role in cultural and social development of societies and introduces a miniature of human interactions within a society. The present research makes an attempt to investigate the status of law abidance in cultural atmosphere of sports in Iran’s society, identify its factors and obstacles and propose required cultural strategies and policies in order to improve it. This research has been done in 12 cities and 10 sports fields with a sample of 2200 athletes. In addition, 50 exploratory interviews were conducted with the experts in this area. The results of the study show that lack of cultural policies and policy programs as well as weakness in developing, supervising and monitoring the structures and system of running a club and neglecting institutionalization lead to young athletes not abiding by professional rules and regulations. The results also demonstrate that inefficiency in academic field and lack of awareness about the professional and ethical regulations and charters are the main reasons of young athlete’s law evasion. Another disturbing trend in Iran is the politicization of sports. In other words, rather than socializing sports, our society is proceeding towards politicizing sports.

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Ali Ghanbari Barzain , 2017. Survey of the Status of Young Athlete’s Law Abidance in Iran: Obstacles and Solutions. The Social Sciences, 12: 1264-1269.

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