The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 8
Page No. 1317 - 1323

Politicians among Santri Examining the Understanding of Political Power among PKB Elites in Kediri City

Authors : Suko Susilo and Eka Suaib

Abstract: The reviews of power consist of several categories including: reviews of political elites as elaborated by Mills Reviews of military elites as suggested by Eksterowitz reviews of executive politics and its dichotomous character as pioneered by Elgie reviews of power transfer as proposed by RV. Raehn and reviews of power focusing on political parties in public election system as described by Cusack. The review discussed in this research remains within category of power reviews of political parties. Research problems are how is the understanding of political power among the PKB elites in Kediri City? What are sources of power these elites have and what category of political elites is produced from the possible differences between individual PKB elites the approach to review is constructivist paradigm. The object of research is PKB in Kediri City. Data are collected through interview, observation and secondary data analysis. The format of data includes expressions, daily experiences, structures, sign configurations and less organized manners of speech. Research also involves data reduction, data presentation and conclusion. It is concluded that: there are two poles of understanding among the PKB elites in Kediri City when they must understand political power. One pole is ideological understanding and other is practical understanding in both poles or contexts, the PKB elites in Kediri City are identified as having and using the sources of influence or power such as money, strictness, religious symbols, structural and cultural legitimacy and cemetery pilgrimage and the categorization represents the fragmentation of the PKB elites in Kediri City based on their understanding of political power and their possession of sources of power which these elites are classified into ideological, pragmatists and situational elites.

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Suko Susilo and Eka Suaib, 2017. Politicians among Santri Examining the Understanding of Political Power among PKB Elites in Kediri City. The Social Sciences, 12: 1317-1323.

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