The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Page No. 232 - 235

The Implementation of Culturally Relevant Teaching Through Co-Constructing Multicultural Picture Books with Preschoolers

Authors : Fatin Aliana Mohd Radzi and Theresa McCarthy

Abstract: This study reports on the research undertaken with preschoolers and teachers in implementing culturally relevant teaching at an early childhood facility located in Ohio, USA. The study explains how the project was established through narratives shared by the two researchers. It describes an attempt from two researchers in creating a culturally relevant classroom by integrating literacy and the arts, aiming to employ the arts as a medium of expression and communication for children with limited vocabulary and emergent language learners. The 8 week project entails five weekly readings of five multicultural picture books followed by five art activities, utilizing the first 3 weeks to familiarize the children with the project. The first step in the process involved reading multicultural picture books to the children, followed by having a conversation with the children about topics featured in the book. The children’s conversations continued as informal one on one conversation with researchers while the children engaged an art project. Next, the artwork and their narrative were compiled into a draft picture book which was read to the children for any necessary amendments or additions. Then, a title was co-constructed finalizing the book. The children’s actions, conversations, responses and narrations during the book reading sessions and art activities were audio and video recorded. These recordings were transcribed and relevant remarks were added in the book draft, making their voices visible. This project resulted with four successfully co-constructed multicultural picture books. The valuable process of co-constructing the title with the children, how it makes visible the children’s awareness of the goal of the project and how it provides evidence that the arts is more than just scribbling, drawing and painting for young emergent language learners are presented in this study. Art is a unique language, a method of communication and a way for people to develop a sense of personal and cultural identity.

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Fatin Aliana Mohd Radzi and Theresa McCarthy, 2017. The Implementation of Culturally Relevant Teaching Through Co-Constructing Multicultural Picture Books with Preschoolers. The Social Sciences, 12: 232-235.

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