The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Page No. 467 - 472

Capital Structures: Towards Realizing Economic Growth

Authors : Suratno

Abstract: The econometric techniques provide the ground on which capital structures play a leading role in determining economic growth. This research explores the correlation of earning growth, realized growth as well as asset growth by the aspect of capital structures on the companies listed on stock exchange in the consumer goods industry in China. The interplay of economic factors and policy dimensions to the existing financial environment impacts on the general economy therefore, capital structures emerges as hinged on the existing financial condition index for the primary purpose of measuring the economic stability of the consumer goods companies. The results show the dynamics into the implementation of economic models of capital structures to indicate that in the past 20 year, the country’s economy has grown steadily. While there are constraints of economic growth that will characterize the Chinese pathway, efforts to tackle efforts in improving savings, curbing corruption and improving the microeconomic conditions, it is predictable that the growth rate for China’s economic trajectory will be increased.

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Suratno , 2017. Capital Structures: Towards Realizing Economic Growth. The Social Sciences, 12: 467-472.

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