The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Page No. 502 - 508

Preliminary Concept of Knowledge Transfer Practices

Authors : Sulzakimin Hj Mohamed, Mohd Hilmi Izwan Abd Rahim, Seow Ta Wee and Goh Kai Chen

Abstract: Since the 1992, Earth Summit in Rio when Agenda 21 was formulated as the international blueprint for sustainable development, all sectors of society have been in the process of interpreting and pursuing sustainability and sustainable development within their specific contexts. The development handle by local governments start from inception until completion involved various stages and design inputs from various design consultants like architects, town planner and engineers. It is the onerous role of local governments to ensure that only qualified consultants are allowed to submit the relevant building plans for all sorts of approvals with regards to sustainable development. Importantly sustainability matter must be known by the local government’s staff as well as the built environment professionals. In relation to that this study involves a look at the knowledge transfer practices towards sustainable development. Therefore, this study is to contribute to the enrichment of the role of local governments towards sustainable development.

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Sulzakimin Hj Mohamed, Mohd Hilmi Izwan Abd Rahim, Seow Ta Wee and Goh Kai Chen, 2017. Preliminary Concept of Knowledge Transfer Practices. The Social Sciences, 12: 502-508.

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