The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 5
Page No. 743 - 748

Providing Islamic Learning Structure for the Muslim Net-Generation

Authors : Muhammad Shakirin Shaari and Zulikha Jamaludin

Abstract: The changes in the digital era have created new breed of generations different in capabilities and way of thinking and acting. On one hand, the changes posed new challenges to life, on the other hand the digital era also comes with new potential tools to help human face the challenges. The changes also prompted the Muslim community to react accordingly to enable Muslim to adapt to the changes swiftly and comfortably while ensuring that Islamic ideals is preserved and the struggle towards achieving Islamic objectives continue. One critical tool to realize these needs is education. In order to ensure its idealism and survival, the need to redefine Islamic learning model to befits the current needs and Muslim net-generation has been ever critical. Our proposed model will fulfill two aspects the need and requirements related to the digital changes while still fulfilling Islamic education objectives and requirements. These requirements were obtains via thorough literature survey related to the theory of the net-generations literatures and practices in the Islamic education world. The model proposed is a direct mapping of these two elements to be implemented in the form of a Lifelong Learning Management System (LLLMS) prototype as its main delivery form. The future direction will involve usability studies and expert reviews on the LLLMS prototype to be built.

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Muhammad Shakirin Shaari and Zulikha Jamaludin, 2017. Providing Islamic Learning Structure for the Muslim Net-Generation. The Social Sciences, 12: 743-748.

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