The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 6
Page No. 912 - 918

Learning Mathematics via an Interactive Educational Game

Authors : Jacob Sow, Angelia Andianti Sutanto, Harsha Rao and Chen Tet Khuan

Abstract: Mathematics has always been labelled as a difficult subject by most of its learners. Yet, it is undeniable fact that it is crucial in daily lives. Therefore, people force themselves to understand the lessons and press on the process with the hope to be enlightened at a later moment of study. This study focuses on identify the current status and issues of students in learning Mathematics and developing an interactive computer environment in learning simple arithmetic calculations and provides students (aged 8-10 years old) with tutorial and games to enhance learning experience in an enjoyable way. Questionnaire and interview have been used to collect feedback in developing and testing the prototype. From the consolidated responses, most respondents are satisfied with the prototype developed and are convinced that young users would be beneficial from using this application by overcoming certain identified obstacles such as less interesting approach of delivery and not knowing the reason of learning it. Nevertheless, more researches such as the appropriate procedure of using such game-based learning are to be conducted for a more conclusive remark.

How to cite this article:

Jacob Sow, Angelia Andianti Sutanto, Harsha Rao and Chen Tet Khuan, 2017. Learning Mathematics via an Interactive Educational Game. The Social Sciences, 12: 912-918.

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