The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 6
Page No. 959 - 966

Pornography in Al-Quran Analysis of Surah Yusuf in Al-Qur’an

Authors : Zainal Arifin

Abstract: The study about “Pornography in Al-Qur’an: analysis of Surah Yusuf” arose from the statement of al-Ajaridah from Khawarij which stated that Surah Yusuf was not part of the Qur’an because it contains the immoral story. This study examined to analyze the message contained in Surah Yusuf of the Al-Qur’an and how to see the romance between Yusuf and the ruler’s wife this study seeks to contribute on that goal by limiting the thematic study on the interpretation by the will of Allah in the Surah Yusuf to formulate the concept of the value system and to keep the track of the scope of the social life aspects concerns. This study found that the Surah Yusuf contains of noble character, economic, speeches and faith. Based on the definitions of pornography and the messages of Al-Qur’an in Surah Yusuf and compared to the Bible, the old testament, it was concluded that the Surah Yusuf is away from the message of pornography. The story of Yusuf with the Ruler’s Wife is the inspiration how Muslims anticipate themselves from the temptation of women, especially women who have given a lot to the success of himself. Faith has an important role of “being avoided” Yusuf from taking a wrong step.

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Zainal Arifin , 2017. Pornography in Al-Quran Analysis of Surah Yusuf in Al-Qur’an. The Social Sciences, 12: 959-966.

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