The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 7
Page No. 1218 - 1222

The Prominence of Science in Islam

Authors : Ibrahim N. Hassan, Mohd Yusof Hj Othman and Abdul Latif Samian

Abstract: Science and religion were seen separated apart and thus, sciences were kicked against by religious leaders. Then, Islam came to bridge this gap between science and religion only to be later “stolen” by the Western world after the crusades and so, sciences then were rewritten from a only materialist point of view, later, experts in modern science have put down the religion to the lowest level and became looked down at any knowledge that could not be proven scientifically. Unfortunately, again there is a gap now between understanding nature which is science and understanding God, that is, religious knowledge and also the knowledge by which man become able to appropriately understand his social responsibilities. This study presents a new concept for the science from the viewpoint of Islam and reveals the main aim behind studying science by Muslims to prove that development in religion needs to develop science and technology.

How to cite this article:

Ibrahim N. Hassan, Mohd Yusof Hj Othman and Abdul Latif Samian, 2018. The Prominence of Science in Islam. The Social Sciences, 13: 1218-1222.

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