The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Page No. 206 - 212

Integrating Technology into English Language Teaching and Learning: Possibilities and Challenges

Authors : E. Raghul and Saradha Rajkumar

Abstract: The main objective of this study is to explore different technological tools that can be integrated in English Language Teaching (ELT) and learning and the challenges faced during implementing or using them in and out of the classroom. This study is an explanatory writing which details researcher’s knowledge and understanding on technologies that can be used effectively for language learning. This study is written following a flexible approach towards a situation to explore the problem and analyzed the problem based on the previous knowledge of the subject. Different innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools like multimedia which includes audio, video, image graphic, etc., computer, software and mobile phone and their benefits and hardware devices such as projectors, smart boards, clickers and digital pen, etc. are also explained and given in detail. This study also focuses on how social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, etc. can be effectively brought in for the purpose of teaching or learning a language. The advantages and possibilities of technology enabled language teaching and learning are explained and elucidated. This study also aims at emphasizing the importance and necessity of technology use in second language learning and also the challenges and difficulties in using them. Different language learning activities which can be conducted with the support technology are specified. The influence of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) and how they can be employed to collect language materials with the use of internet to learn vocabulary, meaning and pronunciation of the words with the use of dictionary to learn Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills (LSRW) and to learn other language aspects with the use of different language learning applications and software are highlighted. And impact of technology in creating Learning Management System (LMS) also is discussed in detail. Technology should be incorporated in language teaching and learning and this study details the overall understanding of technologies, their importance, their influence in language teaching and the benefits and challenges faced by the learners and teachers while using them.

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E. Raghul and Saradha Rajkumar, 2018. Integrating Technology into English Language Teaching and Learning: Possibilities and Challenges. The Social Sciences, 13: 206-212.

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