The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Page No. 213 - 222

Fishery MSEs Integration for the Costal Community Economic Development

Authors : Letty Fudjaja, Rahim Darma and Nixia A. Tenriawaru

Abstract: Fishery MSEs have a great role in Indonesia as a maritime country for alleviating poverty and improving the welfare of coastal communities and the preservation of fishery resources. The objectives of study are to identify the fishery enterprises operated by coastal communities to describe geographical potency and problems faced and to describe the opportunities of developing the integration of among fishery enterprises. The study conducted in two villages, Desa Kupa, Barru District and Desa Laikang, Takalar District. The case study used by two informants for each type of fishery enterprise. Data were analyzed for inter linkage business and development prospects based geographical position, raw materials and marketing sites. The potency of fishery MSEs development in the form of integration scheme in one location can establish a business cluster such as enterprises integration among fishing-processing-marketing in Kupa and integration enterprises of smoked fish-beach tourism-food and soft drink tavern and fishing floating cottage-beach tourism enterprises in Laikang. The involvement of government, private sector, financial institutions and other development agents who may have essential role are expected to support the fishery MSEs development.

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Letty Fudjaja, Rahim Darma and Nixia A. Tenriawaru, 2018. Fishery MSEs Integration for the Costal Community Economic Development. The Social Sciences, 13: 213-222.

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