The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Page No. 252 - 258

Repressive and Preventive Synthesis Model in Anti-Corruption of Bureaucracy in Indonesia

Authors : Saiful Deni

Abstract: This study attempted to provide a solution to eradicate corruption by using a model approach repression and prevention THATEE Model. The writing method using a literature review in explaining some of the facts of corruption in the New Order era and reform. The results show that the discussion of actual corruption can be eradicated by using synthesis the KPPH Model and THATEE Model. THATEE Model is a formula based on a series of corruption preventive action formulated in the form of trust, honest, transparency, education and ethics with the involvement of state actors (government, legislative and stakeholder coalition) will strengthen the eradication of corruption in the future. While the model is a formula KPPH repressive against corruption formulated in a series of actions the commitment of law enforcement, political will and international cooperation and even the death penalty to be an alternative to combat the growing proliferation of corruption in this country with severe punishments for the corrupt. The study is expected to contribute thoughts and preventive and repressive measures against corruption in Indonesia in support of law enforcement against attorneys, judges, the judicial mafia, the authorities, employers and political elite in Indonesia.

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Saiful Deni , 2018. Repressive and Preventive Synthesis Model in Anti-Corruption of Bureaucracy in Indonesia. The Social Sciences, 13: 252-258.

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