The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Page No. 376 - 384

Iran-Russia Second War and its Consequences

Authors : Mohamadali Mehdizadeh and Ghahar Rasoolian

Abstract: Second wars between Iran and Russia were predictable to start from both states due to ambiguities in Golistan Treaty in determining the borders. One of the major issues between 2 Iran-Russia wars was the request for giving back the lost states after the Golistan Treaty which was not accepted by Iranians and many thought that the Russia has to give the occupied states back to Iran. The Clergies also considered the Golistan Treaty in contrast to the government interests and national’s interests and believed that in such any way the Iranian lost rights have to be given back and the Jihad was addressed at this time. King Fath Ali couldn’t accept the responsibility of the catastrophic situations after the Golistan Treaty and naturally decided to attack Russia but Russians attempted in some cases to conquer more than what was determined in the Golistan Treaty in spite of the fact they apparently claimed they seek peace based on the treaty. This issue caused the second war between Iran and Russia and finally led to Torkamanchay Treaty imposed by Russian as the developmental policy of the Russian. In this research the main goal is to investigate the Iran-Russia second war and its consequences through library and documentation methodology.

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Mohamadali Mehdizadeh and Ghahar Rasoolian, 2018. Iran-Russia Second War and its Consequences. The Social Sciences, 13: 376-384.

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