The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page No. 442 - 445

The Collective Farm Peasantry and Religious Holidays in the Volga Region in the Postwar Decade

Authors : Oleg Khasyanov

Abstract: On the basis of a wide range of published sources used for the first time reconstructs the life of a religious holiday postwar in Volga village. Festival as a special socio-cultural action plays a crucial role in the life of every individual and in the social education. Celebratory action serves as a link between the past and the future and defines this social dominance. Festive culture, serving the opposition daily routine practice, the importance attached to the social experience of the individual and the collective, ensures the stability of cultural transmission of collective memory, develops mechanisms of group and social identity. A special feature of Russian culture holiday was the fact that it is largely shaped by and at the initiative of the authorities, sought through the festive calendar is not only to develop mechanisms of civil identity design but also give legitimacy to the existing political system. The establishment of the Soviet system in October, 1917 led to a change in the paradigm of national culture holiday. The study is based on the approach and methodology microhistorical “Oral History” that allowed the researcher to expand the source base. As sources were not only archival materials and oral histories of villagers. The researcher conducted a historiographical analysis of the issue on which he rightly notes that the post-war religious life of the peasantry did not attract the attention of researchers to the right degree. On the basis of micro-historical approach the researcher shows the importance of the religious holiday action among the peasants. According to him, mass participation of Soviet peasants in the religious celebrations were due to a number of reasons. In particular, farmers sought to preserve their cultural identity which breaks down under the influence of Soviet agricultural policy.

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Oleg Khasyanov , 2018. The Collective Farm Peasantry and Religious Holidays in the Volga Region in the Postwar Decade. The Social Sciences, 13: 442-445.

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