The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page No. 677 - 683

Abstract: The study substantiates the idea that the causes of the current systemic crisis, many of the concepts of modern social science do not adequately reflect the changed reality, so, you need to review and improve the existing categorical apparatus. To do this, you must change meta-paradigm of modern social science which is still based on the Newton-Cartesian meta-paradigm. This change has long occurred in physics and more recently in the modern psychology. Otherwise, methodological inconsistency and weakness of explanatory potential of the social sciences in explaining and understanding of social processes is a natural phenomenon.

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Sagadi B. Bulekbayev, Murat O. Nassimov, Kainar K. Kaldybay, Turganbai K. Abdrassilov, Muratbek M. Myrzabekov, Assel T. Chaklikova, Aybek S. Beysenov, Kalamkas A. Pazylova and Botagoz Z. Paridinova, 2018. Methodological Problems of Social Sciences in the Context of Modernity Challenges. The Social Sciences, 13: 677-683.

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