The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page No. 717 - 722

Implementation of Integrated Approach on Indonesian Language Teaching

Authors : Muhammad Asdam

Abstract: One of the demands today is to emphasize the element of diversity, thorough and integration in teaching and learning activities. The integration as one approach to the teaching of Indonesian language can trigger the creation of active teaching, innovative, creative and fun. This is one solution to improve the quality of Indonesian language teaching in high school, especially in the city of Makassar. This study is a qualitative research, aimed at assessing the implementation of the integration approach in the preparation of Indonesian language plan. The research mainly focused on the high school level in the city of Makassar. Determination place of this research used purposive sampling technique. The method of data collection is observation, interviews and documentation. Data analyzed by using the data reduction, presentation and verification. The findings in this study are in the preparation of Indonesian learning plan in accordance with the integration approach. Patterns of integration itself, always preceded and dominated by aspects of speech. In contrast, most aspects of language programmed less by Indonesian teachers. Aspects of language never combined with literary although very attractive taught at the high school level-based multi-ethnic as the city of Makassar.

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Muhammad Asdam , 2018. Implementation of Integrated Approach on Indonesian Language Teaching. The Social Sciences, 13: 717-722.

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