The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page No. 808 - 812

Teaching English with an Internet-Based of Google Docs to Improve Student’s Critical Thinking

Authors : Erly Wahyuni and Shobah Sabilil Muttaqin

Abstract: The 2013 curriculum emphasizes modern pedagogic dimension in learning with the aim at improving the ability of high-level thinking. ICT is one of the tools that the teacher should acquire to support the improvement of the quality of learning including language learning. The knowledge of critical thinking is important to face the globalization era. The skill must be trained through a stimulus that requires a person to think critically, accordingly the researcher would like to investigate the learning activities designed by the teacher and to describe the activities in teaching English that expose critical thinking knowledge using online applications at junior high schools in Malang. This study which is descriptive qualitative study was endorsed the data sources from the language teacher and students. The instruments used are observation and questionnaire. The result of the analysis indicates that the learning activities consist of three main parts: pre teaching focuses on the orientation and register students to use email or user account to access to Google Apps whilst teaching focuses on student’s engagement of remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating and creating and post teaching includes sharing and commenting students with opportunities to receive immediate feedback on their research. Meanwhile, the learning activities to develop student’s critical thinking split into two main parts with reference to the integrated teaching of English and those of language components.

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Erly Wahyuni and Shobah Sabilil Muttaqin, 2018. Teaching English with an Internet-Based of Google Docs to Improve Student’s Critical Thinking. The Social Sciences, 13: 808-812.

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