The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page No. 826 - 835

Strengthening Stakeholder Capacity to Improve Women Indonesian Migrant Worker Professionalism in Hong Kong Dispatchment Area: Towards Domestic Worker Moratorium 2017

Authors : Keppi Sukesi and Henny Rosalinda

Abstract: The purpose of this study are: to analyze existing policy from national to regional level related to preparation of aspiring Indonesian Migration Worker (IMW) dispatch and placement in Hong Kong and its implementation in facing moratorium 2017 to formulate model and strategy for strengthening stake holder’s institutional capacity according to women IMW need as professional worker and Hong Kong as hosting country in facing moratorium 2017 to formulate women IMW empowerment model after moratorium in 2017. In this study, we used gender-based perspective research method with qualitative approach, technique, action based research and in-depth analysis. This study took place in Malang and Tulungangung Regency, East Java Province. Research activity includes policy study, started with documentary and law study especially policy documents and focused discussion with stakeholder and former IMW. The result of study shows that women IMW in Hong Kong are experiencing many problems because of inadequate training before the dispatch resulting in lower competitive ability when compared to migrant worker from other countries. Their job as domestic worker considered unskilled job and it was very susceptible to moratorium or discontinuation of domestic sector worker dispatchment in 2017 which will influence current IMW and IMW candidate as well. From literature studies, policy and regulation about dispatchment, placement and supervision of IMW in national level was legislated in Law No. 39 of 2004. Tulungagung Regency has enacted local regulation about dispatchment and protection of IMW, since, 2014. Regulation related to the family left by women IMW and former IMW was issued by Ministry of Women Empowerment and enforced by Department of Women Empowerment in each local level. Department of Manpower has empowerment program for former IMW by engaging them in entrepreneurship training. Dispatchment of IMW involves government, private sector and social institution. Another pressing problem is unprofessional capacity of migrant dispatcher institution. Moratorium as one of control policy for dispatching worker abroad has already been implemented for Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and it is been said that moratorium will be implemented again in 2017. Positive side of this policy is discontinuation of unskilled and unprofessional women worker dispatchment which has the potency of bringing negative influence and moving toward professional IMW dispatchment. But its negative aspect is our community unpreparedness. Capacity strengthening of institution of placement and protection of IMW in Hong Kong with Private to Private (P-P) dispatch pattern should reckon affirmation of government role especially human resources, private institution reinforcement and community participation from NGOs and IMW association.

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Keppi Sukesi and Henny Rosalinda, 2018. Strengthening Stakeholder Capacity to Improve Women Indonesian Migrant Worker Professionalism in Hong Kong Dispatchment Area: Towards Domestic Worker Moratorium 2017. The Social Sciences, 13: 826-835.

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