The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page No. 891 - 897

New Perspective of Telecommunication: A Conceptualized Framework for Teleworking

Authors : Abeer Mahmoud Garad and Mamdouh Mustafa Ismail

Abstract: Teleworking is a method for achieving job duties that help the employees to perform the whole or part of their jobs away from the traditional workplaces. It puts into consideration some goals such as increasing productivity, retaining highly qualified staff, reducing turnover and office spaces, achieving flexibility, high requirement of investment in ICTs, improving the image of the organizations, creating job opportunities for disabled persons and women who take care of their children. According to the literature, the researchers do not agree with one definition to teleworking, however, the definition applied to teleworking can be viewed from several dimensions such as distance and technology, timing and space. Thus, the current research aims at developing a new perspective on teleworking in order to provide a clear definition of teleworking by using the system approach. This definition is the contribution of the current study because the author tries to bridge this gap in the literature of teleworking. The current study, also, aims at summarizing the typology of teleworking and illustrating how and why teleworking was matured.

How to cite this article:

Abeer Mahmoud Garad and Mamdouh Mustafa Ismail, 2018. New Perspective of Telecommunication: A Conceptualized Framework for Teleworking. The Social Sciences, 13: 891-897.

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