The Social Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page No. 982 - 987

Effect of Leadership Behavior of Multicultural Levels of Headmaster and Relationship with School Atmosphere in Some Catholic School at Jayapura Papua, Indonesia

Authors : Yulius Mataputun, Murtadlo and Bambang Suratman

Abstract: In general, this study aims to analyze the concept of headmaster leadership with multicultural insight and relate to the atmosphere in school. In particular to describe and analyze and empirically test the influence of multicultural school principal’s leadership on the school atmosphere at Catholic high school in Jayapura, Papua Province, Indonesia. The approach in this research is descriptive quantitative survey type, ex post facto, causal comparative type. Because the population is not too large, only 103 respondents/teachers, then used the sample saturated with 33 respondents as sample sample and the rest 70 respondents qualified research. To capture the data, a closed questionnaire is used with an interval data type measured by the Likert Model scale. Questionnaires first tested the validity of experts and trials in 3 schools that became the location of research (YPPK SMK Taruna Bakti Waena, YPPK SMA Teruna Dharma City King and SMA YPPK Asisi Sentani). Data analysis techniques used descriptive and inferential statistical statistics (simple regression) with the help of SPSS Version 2.0 Software. The main findings in this study, showed that the principal leadership of multicultural schools averaged as much as 82.0% and the school atmosphere averaged 84 84.6% or both were in very good category. In addition, there is a positive and significant influence on the leadership of multicultural schools with a multicultural perspective on the school atmosphere in Catholic high school in Jayapura, Papua Province. This is evidenced by a significance value of 0.000 <0.05. The magnitude of influence is 67.7% (strong category). This means that the higher level of leadership of the school principal with multicultural insight, the higher the influence of the school atmosphere. Based on these findings, the leadership of a multicultural-minded school principal needs to be implemented in various activities of educational leadership to create a conducive school atmosphere including first, the development of knowledge and skills of education managers such as educational leadership and organizational behavior second, improvement of recruitment system and guidance of prospective principals and supervisors and third, education and training programs for strengthening the capacity of educational leadership with multicultural insight in creating a school climate such as the principal working group (Kelompok Kerja Kepala Sekolah/K3S) and school supervisory working group (Kelompok Kerja Pengawas Sekolah/K2PS).

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Yulius Mataputun, Murtadlo and Bambang Suratman, 2018. Effect of Leadership Behavior of Multicultural Levels of Headmaster and Relationship with School Atmosphere in Some Catholic School at Jayapura Papua, Indonesia. The Social Sciences, 13: 982-987.

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