The Social Sciences

Year: 2019
Volume: 14
Issue: 4
Page No. 200 - 206

Gender Identity Disorder for Middle School Students

Authors : Sadiq Kadhem Almsafri and Haneen Habib Al-Muhanna

Abstract: Identify the levels of intermediate students in gender identity disorder. Find the differences in moral gender identity disorder on according to sex and variables. The research sample has consisted of (445) students in the preparatory stages of Babylon center for the academic year (2017-2018). The sample was randomly selected from six schools, three of which are for male students and the other three girls. Distributed according to the variables of sex and specialization. The achievement of research objectives requires the preparation of two measures. The first measure is to measure the gender identity disorder that the researcher has constructed based on the criteria of the statistical and diagnostic manual of psychiatry in its revised fifth revision (DSM5-V2000). The second measure is to measure suicidal thoughts as well as the definition of Beck and others. After checking the availability of the cytometric parameters of the measurements, they were applied to the research sample. After collecting and processing the data statistically, the researcher reached the following results. The intermediate students do not have gender identity disorder. There are differences according to gender variable statistical function (male, female) genders identity disorder in the interest of female students in middle school. There is a statistical function differences on as a variable (scientific, literature) in gender identity disorder to interest students in the scientific specialization.

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Sadiq Kadhem Almsafri and Haneen Habib Al-Muhanna, 2019. Gender Identity Disorder for Middle School Students. The Social Sciences, 14: 200-206.

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