The Social Sciences

Year: 2019
Volume: 14
Issue: 7
Page No. 276 - 282

Conflict in Ukraine in the German Media: Psycholinguistic Analysis

Authors : Alexandr Y. Petukhov and Polina D. Ivlieva

Abstract: This study is devoted to the linguistic and psycholinguistic analysis of the information materials of the popular German mass media covering the Ukrainian conflict. Also, the study discusses the main methods of information impact of the media on a person. Special attention is paid to the formation of the Russian and Ukrainian images in the framework of the information-psychological confrontation through psycholinguistic processing of the text, usage of special approaches to information definition and representation. As a result of the analysis, the researchers have come to conclusion that a lot of articles contain not only informational but also propagandistic implied sense, main aim of which is to suggest readers such point of view which corresponds to the current political line of the EU and Germany in relation to the Ukrainian crisis and its main actors.

How to cite this article:

Alexandr Y. Petukhov and Polina D. Ivlieva, 2019. Conflict in Ukraine in the German Media: Psycholinguistic Analysis. The Social Sciences, 14: 276-282.

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