The Social Sciences

Year: 2019
Volume: 14
Issue: 1
Page No. 9 - 18

Theory of Change: A Success or a Failure for School Improvement, A Discussion Base on Malaysian Context

Authors : R. Sudha Nair

Abstract: The study aims to review Michael Fullan’s research of Theory of Change in 2006 base on Malaysian context. In his research, he had discussed based on 3 sections which are flawed change theories, theories of action with merit and the prospects for future of these theories of change in knowledge. This study proposes to look into the educational background of Malaysia relating it with Michael Fullan’s research of changes that should be in the education setting. The study aims to expand the knowledge of all concerned base on what had been achieved, what we are trying to achieve presently and what needs to be achieved in future in Malaysian education. The study opted for a viewpoint study. In each section, the researcher had taken examples of schools and colleges in Malaysia and discussed base on Malaysian education background. In the components of flawed change theories, discussion was based on reform initiatives, professional community and the development and retention of quality leaders. Malaysia has undertaken many reformation initiatives, some had been fruitful while some are still in the ongoing process, under the professional community, training and development they are provided in each educational level to produce the required workforce in line with the Malaysian Blueprint in 2013. The study provides insights about how changes are brought in the education system and levels. It highlights of the need for capable and quality leaders who acts as "integrating forces" that can bring about the changes in the education system and to ensure the success of implementing them. At the same time it was also felt that even though community and development is practiced widely there are still weaknesses that need to be addressed. Conservative school reformers remain as skeptical as teacher unionists about Fullan’s real motives, strategies and objectives behind the changes that were discussed.

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R. Sudha Nair , 2019. Theory of Change: A Success or a Failure for School Improvement, A Discussion Base on Malaysian Context. The Social Sciences, 14: 9-18.

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