The Social Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 4
Page No. 167 - 171

Causal Factor of Criminal Act Recurrence in Indonesia

Authors : Ismu Gunadi Widodo

Abstract: One of the things which damage social system is the existence of recurrent criminals or called as recidivist. These criminals usually repeat the same crimes, even though they have been imprisoned. Countermeasure of recidivist crime is carried out in the criminal justice system which is an vehicle in the society to cope with crimes. It is required, therefore, a right process of rehabilitation to prevent the recurrence of criminal act. This research is analytical descriptive, tool of data collection in this research is by conducting interviews (field research) and library research. Data analysis used in this research is qualitative analysis. The causal factor of criminal act committed by recidivist in Indonesian system of criminal law is because of social stigmatization and environmental condition of social institution. The stigmatization comes from social anxiety against former convicts, that their wrongdoings will influence other people to do acts which violate the law. Other cause is the effect of prisonization or deviation in the prison community resulted from destructive power in the life of prison residents. The form of recidivist rehabilitation in Madaeng prison is carried out by two ways, those are individual and group rehabilitation.

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Ismu Gunadi Widodo , 2020. Causal Factor of Criminal Act Recurrence in Indonesia. The Social Sciences, 15: 167-171.

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