The Social Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 11
Page No. 351 - 359

Researches in Public Administration Conducted by Lecturers in Thai Public Universities

Authors : Suppachock Maneemai, Watcharin Sutthisai and Sitipor Soonthorn

Abstract: This research is a qualitative research. This study aimed to study the characteristics of public administration research of public university lecturers in Thailand examine the incentive to produce the research in the Department of Public Administration of public universities in Thailand study the body of knowledge that is the research identity in the Department of Public Administration of teachers in the public university in Thailand. The research instruments consisted of the study of research documents in public administration, participatory observation and in-depth interviews with key informants from 4 public university lecturers, Chulalongkorn University, National Institute of Development Administration, Ramkhamhaeng University and Maha Sarakham Rajabhat University. The research results are as follows: The research of the Public Administration’s lecturers has no different characteristics of Public Administration knowledge which will be consistent with the knowledge of Public Administration consisting of 5 knowledges which are knowledge in organization and management knowledge in Public Policy knowledge in Resource management theoretical knowledge in Public Administration and knowledge of Finance and Budget. The factors that motivated the teacher to produce the research that can be divided into 2 factors they are: Internal Factors (attitude towards professions dedication to the organization pride and loyalty to the organization and discipline and selfdevelopment) external Factors such as environmental factors (University policy, career growth factors by line performance, evaluation system, educational quality assurance and University policy). The knowledge that is the research identity of the Department of Public Administration consists of the following factors: The knowledge of public administration will consist of theories, concepts related to public administration. Also, related to the use ability of various knowledge in Public Administration. In order to find the right performance and also bringing into consideration the surrounding environmental factors. There are 3 types of research methods in Public Administration which are quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods and integrated research methods which using any research methodology, the Public Administration researchers will choose from the research proposal, the format of the research sample, expertise and aptitude including the determination of research problems from research problems. The factors of research production according to the interdisciplinary science and integration that will bring the knowledge of Public Administration and other sciences from various disciplines combined to find the answer to the research is the science or methodology that have been used many disciplines in the same research causing to complement each other and be more completed. Public research scholarships can be divided into 3 categories; they are internal research funds external research funds and private funds. Utilization of research. The use of research can be classified into 4 dimensions, namely academic use, policy use community/social use and commercial utilization.

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Suppachock Maneemai, Watcharin Sutthisai and Sitipor Soonthorn, 2020. Researches in Public Administration Conducted by Lecturers in Thai Public Universities. The Social Sciences, 15: 351-359.

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