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Veterinary Research
Year: 2013 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 19-22
DOI: 10.36478/vr.2013.19.22  
Status of Free Radical Scavenging Enzymes in Heat Stressed Rathi Calves
N. Kataria , Abhimanu , S. Arora , A. Sharma , R. Maan , S. Soren , A.K. Kataria , N. Mohammad , P.K. Pilania , L.N. Sankhala , M.K. Thori , J.S. Gaur and A. Meena
Abstract: A study was carried out in male and female calves of Rathi breed belonging to arid tracts from India to find out status of free radical scavenging enzymes during hot ambience. Blood samples were collected during moderate and hot ambiences to harvest sera. Maximum ambient temperature ranged from 44.5-46.5°C during hot ambience. All calves were managed in similar conditions and were apparently healthy. Free radical scavenging enzymes included Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathione Reductase (GR) and Catalase (CAT). The moderate (control) mean values of serum SOD, GR and CAT were 173.00±1.43, 11.00±0.09 and 74.80±1.00 kU L-1, respectively irrespective of gender and age. Similar pattern of significant change (p≤0.05) was observed by all the three enzymes in heat stressed calves being higher during hot ambience. The mean values were 2.67, 2 and 1.41 times higher, respectively in heat stressed calves during hot ambience. The sex and age effects were significant (p≤0.05) in moderate and hot ambiences for all the three enzymes. The mean values were significantly (p≤0.05) higher in male animals than female animals. In each ambience the age effect showed a significant (p≤0.05) increase in the mean values being highest in the calves of 6 months to 1 year of age. Results clearly indicated that status of free radical enzymes changed in heat stressed calves probably to scavenge higher number of free radicals formed during hot ambience. All the three enzymes used are important biomarkers of oxidative stress. Present study provided data which can be used as reference values to assess the extent of oxidative stress. This will help in timely protection of calves from ensuing health disorders.
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N. Kataria, Abhimanu , S. Arora, A. Sharma, R. Maan, S. Soren, A.K. Kataria, N. Mohammad, P.K. Pilania, L.N. Sankhala, M.K. Thori, J.S. Gaur and A. Meena, 2013. Status of Free Radical Scavenging Enzymes in Heat Stressed Rathi Calves. Veterinary Research, 6: 19-22.
DOI: 10.36478/vr.2013.19.22