Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 23, 2011)

Length-Weight Relationships of 34 Fish Species from the Sea of Marmara, Turkey

Tomris Deniz Bok, Didem Gokturk, Abdullah Ekrem Kahraman, Tugrul Zahit Alicli, Tan Acun and Celal Ates

Neuroendocrine Responses to Cold Stress in Chinese Indigenous Breeds from Different Latitude

X.Y. Chen, R.S. Jiang, H.C. Bai and Z.Y. Geng

Effects of Fibrolytic Enzyme on Milk Yield, Blood Metabolites, Rumen Microbial Growth and pH of Holstein Cows in Early Lactation

M.R. Dehghani, K. Rezayazdi, M. Dehghan-Banadaky and H. Mansoori

Chemical Composition and Mineral Contents of Six Commercial Fish Species from the Arabian Gulf Coast of Saudi Arabia

E.M. Younis, A.A. Abdel-Warith, A. Ali, N.A. Al-Asgah and A.S. El-Shayia

Effects of Dietary Avilamycin on Disease Resistance, Immune Responses in Juvenile Jian Carp (Cyprinus carpio Var.Jian)

Yao-Peng Liu, Zhi-Qiong Li and Chao-Wei Zhou

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for Detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Responsable of Enzootic Pneumonia in Pigs

Guadalupe Socci Escatel, Elvira Carrera Salas and Fernando Diosdado Vargas

The Light and Scanning Electron Microscopic Structure of the Papilla Vallatae in the Porcupine (Hystrix cristata)

Omer Atalar and Meryem Karan

Effects of ELF-MF and Strontium Ranilate on Periodontium in Rats (Duble Blind)

Filiz Acun Kaya, Mehmet Zulkuf Akdag, Can Ayhan Kaya, Mustafa Salih Celik, Nihal Kilinc, Selver Ozekinci, Ebru Saribas, Ersin Uysal, Arzum Guler Dogru and Gulucag Giray Tekin

Specific Anatomical Structures of Some Wild Animals in East Anatolian of Turkey

Omer Atalar

Immunologic Evaluation of Surface 18 kDa Protein of Brucella abortus S19 Cojugated with Detoxified Lps as an Antigen Useful for Human Brucellosis Vaccine in BALB/c Mice Model

Fatemeh Farahi, Nima Khoramabadi, Esmaeil Asli, Ashraf Mohabati Mobarez and Abdolaziz Rastegarlari

African Maternal Origin and Genetic Diversity of Five Chinese Domestic Donkeys Breeds

Qian-Fu Gan, Shi-Xin Lin, Xue-Wu Liang, Hong-Li Meng, Hui Qiao, Yan-Feng Du, Fu-Rong Ke and Shu-Kai Zheng

Evaluation of Non-Genetic Factors Affecting Birth Weight in Sistani Cattle

Hossein Bazzi

The Effects of Carcass Conditioning on Shear Force Values and Water Holding Capacity of Different Skeletal Muscles of Malaysian Indigenous (MALIN) Sheep and the Changes in Their pH and Glycogen Contents

Sazili Awis Qurni, Hilmi Mohamad Abdullah, Akanbi Taiwo Olusesan and Panandam Jothi Malar

Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Raw Milk and Dairy Products in Sarab by Culture and PCR Techniques

H. Mirzaei, A. Tofighi, H. Karimi Sarabi and Mahdi Farajli

Effect of Blend Probiotics on Rumen Fermentation and Plasma Fatty Acid Contents and Plasma n6:n3 Ratios of Growing Goats

P. Paengkoum, H. Yong, S. Traiyakun and J. Khotsakdee

The Amino Acid Composition and Diversity Analysis of the Porcine Myogenin

Zhang Shunhua, Zhu Li, Tang Guoqing, Shuai Surong, Bai Lin and Li Xuewei

Estimates of Genetic Parameters for Body Weight and Carcass Composition in Pekin Ducks

Xu Tieshan, Liu Xiaolin, Huang Wei, Hou Shuisheng and Ye Baoguo

Effect of Simvastatin on Apoptosis Inhibition in Renal Tissue after Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction in Rat

Neshat Gharamaleky Mehrdad, Doustar Yousef and Safarmashaei Saeid

Oestrus Synchronization by Short and Long-Term Intravaginal Sponge Treatment in Lactating Goats During the Breeding Season: The Effects of GnRH Administrations Immediately after Matings on Fertility

Mustafa Kemal Saribay, Fikret Karaca, Gokhan Dogruer, Yasar Ergun, Ilker Yavas and Cafer Tayyar Ates

Existence of Serotonin and Neuropeptides-Immunoreactive Endocrine Cells in the Stomach (Proventriculus and Gizzard) of Long-Legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus): An Immunohistochemical Study

Omer Atalar and Ali Bayrakdar

Pre-Weaning Performance of Lambs from Purebred and Crossbred Hair Ewes under Humid Tropical Conditions of Tabasco, Mexico

J.A. Hinojosa-Cuellar, G. Torres-Hernandez, J. Oliva-Hernandez, E. Aranda-Ibanez, J.C. Segura-Correa and J.M. Gonzalez-Camacho

Expression Differentiation of BPI Gene in Post-Weaning Piglets of Yorkshire, Sutai and Meishan Breeds

J. Zhu, C. Zi, X.M. Su, L. Liu, Z.D. Du, L. Ye, K.Z. Xie, X.G. Huang, S.L. Wu and W.B. Bao

Effect of Using Intravaginal Sponges of Domestic and Commercial Development on the Percentage of Synchronization of Estrus, Fertility and Prolificacy in Anestrous Ewes

Lilian Elizabet Soria-Rojas, Lucia Azucena Carrillo-Baena, Mario Uziel Reyes-Vazquez, Marco Antonio Bocanegra-Garcia, Victor Manuel Xolalpa-Campos, Claudio Gustavo Ruiz-Lang, Roman Espinosa-Cervantes, Pedro Sanchez-Aparicio, Cristian Alejandro Cordova-Jimenez, Maximino Mendez-Mendoza, Ruben Huerta-Crispin, Abel Villa-Mancera, Ma. de Lourdes Juarez-Mosqueda, Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera and Alejandro Cordova-Izquierdo

S. enteritidis Genome Loads in the Tissues of Reproductive Organs in Laying Duck

Guang-Zhi He and Shu-Xuan Deng

Inhibition of Blood Coagulation by Di-Sodium Versenate: A Rapid Method for Estimating Serum Calcium in Dairy Cows

Bhaskar Ganguly

Effects of Acetic Acid and Different Salt Concentrations on the Shelf Life of Caviar from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W. 1792)

Ayse Gurel Inanli, Gulsum Oksuztepe, Emine Ozpolat and Ozlem Emir Coban

Effect of Soy Protein Isolate and Wheat Fiber on the Texture and Freeze-Thaw Stability of Lean Fish Mince

S. Tolasa, S. Cakli, A. Cadun and E.B. Sen-Yilmaz