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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2020 Volume 19)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 5 Issue 7, 2006
Evaluation of Rabbit Breeds and Crosses for Pre-Weaning Reproductive Performance In Humid Tropics
Chineke, C.A
In-vitro Immune Response of FMD Virus Serotype Asia1 Vaccine Strain (IND 491/97) to the Antibodies Raised in Bovine and Guineapigs
Manoj Kumar , A. Sanyal and D. Hemadri
Evaluation of Growth Parameters of Main and Reciprocal Crossbred Normal, Naked Necked and Frizzle Chickens in a Humid Tropical Environment
E.N. Nwachukwu, S.N. Ibe , K. Ejekwu and U.K. Oke
Short Term Egg Production and Egg Quality Characteristics of Main and Reciprocal Crossbred Normal Local, Naked Neck and Frizzle Chicken X Exotic Broiler Breeder Stock in a Humid Tropical Environment
E.N. Nwachukwu, S.N. Ibe and K. Ejekwu
Relationships Between Measurements of Vaginal Electrical Impedance, Uterine Involution and Hormonal Profiles in Postpartum Dairy Cows
S. Bowers, S. Gandy , K. Graves , A. Moore and S. Willard
Occurrence of Avian Influenza in Chickens in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
A. Yakubu, M.U. Liman and E.A.O. Laseinde
Effect of Genotype and Frequency of Semen Collection on Semen Characteristics of Local Chicken Cocks
E.N. Nwachukwu , S.N. Ibe and C.U. Amadi
The Effect of Initial Age of Fattening on the Fattening Performance and Carcass Traits of Eastern Anatolian Red Cattle Reared in Eastern Turkey
Abdulkadir Ozluturk , Olcay Guler , Mete Yanar , Omer Akbulut , Necdet Unlu , Sinan Kopuzlu and Ozmen Biberoglu
Preliminary Results of Short-Term Egg Laying Performance of Pure and Crossbred Chicken Progeny in A Humid Environment
T.A. Adedeji , A.O. Adebambo , M.O. Ozoje , L.O. Ojedapo and A.O. Ige
Biochemical Profiles of Hydatid Cyst Fluids of Echinococcus Granulosus of Human and Animal Origin (Sheep, Goat, Cattle and Camel)
J. Izadi and A. Ajami
Relationship Between Management Factors and the Occurrence of DFD Meat in Cattle
Cristina Perez Linares , Fernando Figueroa Saavedra and Alberto Barreras Serrano
Utilisation of Dried Yeast as a Source of Lysine in Broiler Feeds
B.A. Ayanwale, M.J. Ibrahim and F. Aberuagba
The Physiological Impact on the Consumption of Albizia saman Pods by Albino Rats
A.B. Idowu, O.D. Babalola and K.O. Ademolu
Some Reproductive and Productive Traits of Camel (Camelus dromedarius) in Western Sudan
H. H. Musa , E. S. Shuiep , E. M. El Zubier Ibtisam and G.H. Chen
Frequency and Distribution of Pathologies Associated with Lameness Problems in Commercial Dairy Herds in Baja California, Mexico
Gilberto Lopez Valencia , Tomas B. Renteria Evangelista , Alejandro Plascencia Jorquera , Lourdes Pujol Manriquez , Miguel A. Montano Hodgers , Gerardo Medina Basulto , . Salome Saucedo Quintero , Alfonso de la Mora Valle and L. Mario Munoz del Real
Recovery of Salmonella from Incubated Eggs, Newly Hatched Chicks and Contaminated Environments
M.M. Rahman, Z.U.M. Khan , A.N.M. Rahman and M.S. Islam
Detection of New Genomic Landmarks in the Maltese Goat Using Rapd PCR
R. Blundell and A.E. Felice