Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 6 Issue 3, 2007)

Effect of Oral Administration of Formalin on Blood Gases Parameters in Rats

O.K. Al Omari , W.A. Khamas and A. Elbeteiha

Effects of Smoking on Surface Colour and Texture of Traditional Goat Cheeses

M. Fresno , M.E. Ruiz , A. Arguello , N. Castro and S. Alvarez

Identification of Listeria sp. in Hams and Frankfurters Products Exhibited for Sale

Laura Elena Silva Paz , Cristina Perez Linares , Alberto Barreras Serrano and Fernando Figueroa Saavedra

Antibiotic Resistance in Indicator Bacteria Isolated from Cattle and Swine in Greece

Anastasios Minas , Evanthia Petridou , Eleftheria Bourtzi-Chatzopoulou , Aggelos Papaioannou , Vasilios Krikelis , Kaliopi Georgatza and Alexandros Vondas

Histopathological Changes in Skin and Lymph Nodes of Sheep Following Vaccination with Anthrax, Capripox and Combined and Anthrax and Capripox Vaccines

Abbas Mohamed Ahmed , A.M. Zakia , M.M. Mukhtar and A.M. El-Hussein

A Study on the Milk Yield and Compositional Characteristics in the Sudanese Nubian Goat under Farm Conditions

S.A. Mohammed , A.H. Sulieman , M.E. Mohammed and F. Sir. E. Siddig

Daily Rhythms of Some Physiological Variables in Alpaca (Lama pacos)

Massimo Morgante , Calogero Stelletta , Anna Costa , Francesca Bevilacqua and Giuseppe Piccione

Response of Goats to the Different Routes of Infection by Pasteurella multocida B: 2

M. Zamri-Saad and M.S. Shafarin

Effect of Whole Crop Silages (Triticale or Barley) Versus Corn Silage on Performance of Holstein Lactating Dairy Cows

M. Vatandoost , M. Danesh Mesgaran , R. Valizadeh and H. Nasiri Moghaddam

The Soil-Plant-Animal Phenomena: Serum Mineral Status of Fiji Fantastic Sheep Grazing Batiki Grass (Ischaemum aristatum Var. indicum) and Pangola Grass (Digitaria decumbens) in Samoa

E.M. Aregheore , D. Hunter , D. Perera and Mose T. Mautoatasi

Performance of Rabbit Breeding Does Fed Concentrate and Lablab Combinations During Pregnancy and Lactation

Grace T. Iyeghe-Erakpotobor and Ibrahim R. Muhammad

RT-PCR Analysis of LDL Receptor MRNA Expression in Different Tissues of Genetically Fat and Lean Chickens

H.H. Musa , J.H. Cheng , W.B. Bao , J.T. Shu , B.C. Li and G.H. Chen

Body Weight and Some Morphological Characteristics of Kangal Dogs

Irfan Daskiran

Drugs Susceptibility Reactions Patterns and Multiple Drug Resistance of Escherichia coli Isolated from Diarrhoeic Calves in Sudan

O. Salwa Ellaithi , E.D.M. ElAmin and A.E. Abdalla

Effect of Caesarean Section (C.S) on Uterine Aerobic Bacteria and Post-Partum Period in Nubian Goats

S.A. Makawi and M.E. Badawi

Liver and Kidney Histopathology: Biomakers of No. 1 Fuel Toxicosis in African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Gabriel U.U. , Ezeri G.N.O. and E.U. Amakiri

Fertility Response of Desert Ewes to Hormonal Oestrous Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Using Fresh Diluted Semen

S.A. Makawi and Z.A. Manahil

Ruminal Peptide and Ammonia Nitrogen Concentrations in Holstein Steers Fed Diets Differing in Concentrate to Alfalfa Hay Ratios

A.R.Vakili , M. Danesh Mesgaran , A. Heravi Moussavi , R.Valizadeh and M. R. Nassiry

Methane Emissions from the Cattle Population in Uganda

F. Ejobi , J.D. Kabasa , J. Oloya , C. Ebong , J. Kabirizi , P. Isabirye and R. Livingston

Prevalence of Mannheimia haemolytica Isolated from Bovine Nasal Exudates and Associated Factors, in Dairy Farms in the North-Central of Mexico

C.J. Jaramillo-Arango , R. Hernandez-Castro , F. Suarez-Guemes , J.J. Martinez-Maya , F. Aguilar-Romero , L. Jaramillo-Meza and F.J. Trigo

Insensibilization of California Breed Rabbits and it’s Effect on Sanguineous pH, Temperature, Glucose Levels, Creatine Kinase and Slaughter Performance

M.Y. Guerrero , S.C. Flores-Peinado , M. Becerril-Herrera , A. Cardona-Leija , M. Alonso-Spilsbury , M.M. Zamora-Fonseca , J. Toca , R. Ramirez , J.A. Toca and D. Mota-Rojas

Comparison of Two Conventional Restricted Daily Milk Allowance Methods in Dairy Calf Rearing with Respect to Growth and Behavioural Responses 1. Growth Responses

Ibrahim Tapki

Comparison of two conventional restricted daily milk allowance methods in dairy calf rearing with respect to growth and behavioural responses II. Behavioural responses

Ibrahim Tapki

Experimental Infestation to Gastrointestinal Nematodes in Sheep (Clinical and Parasitological Finding)

A. Nematollahi , Gh. Moghaddam and F. Nyiazpour

Frequency of Toxocara canis Eggs in Public Parks of the Urban Area of Mexicali, B.C., Mexico

Luis Tinoco-Gracia , Alberto Barreras-Serrano , Gilberto Lopez-Valencia , Alma Rossana Tamayo-Sosa , Maryhelen Rivera-Henry and Esteban Quintana-Ramirez

Use of Xylazine/Ketamine or Medetomidine Combined with Either Ketamine, Ketamine/Butorphanol, or Ketamine/Telazol for Immobilization of White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus Virginianus)

Lisa I. Muller , David A. Osborn , Edward C. Ramsay , Tom Doherty , Brad F. Miller , Robert J. Warren and Karl V. Miller

Indigenous Kids` Weight Variation with Respect to non Genetic Factors under Pastoral Mode in Tunisian Arid Region

Najari Sghaier , Gaddour Amor , Ouni Mabrouk , Abdennabi Mouldi and Ben Hamouda Mohamed

Performance and Humoral Immune Response to Newcastle Disease in Tow Strains of Broiler Chickens

Gh. Dashab , Gh. Sadeghi and M. Mehri

Ultrasonic Measurements of Crown-Rump Length and Bi Parietal Diameter to Predict Gestational Age in Saanen Goats

R.M. Abdelghafar , B.H. Ahmed and A.O. Bakhiet

Experimental Study on the Causative Agents of Hypobios is of Haemonchus contortus in Sheep in Iran

A. Nematollahi , S.H. Hosseini and A.Eslami

Haematology and Gill Pathology of Clarias Gariepinus Exposed to Refined Petroleum Oil, Kerosene under Laboratory Conditions

U.U. Gabriel , E.U. Amakiriand and G.N.O. Ezeri