Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 7 Issue 1, 2008)

Quality Assessment of Rice Industry By-Products as Ingredients of Animal Diets Based on Nutrient Content, Undesirable Substances and Hygienic Parameters

P.E. Zoiopoulos and P.I. Natskoulis

Transition of Wild-Caught Juvenile Pikeperch, Sander lucioperca (Bogustkaya and Naseka, 1996) to Dry Feed Using Different Types of Food

Tulay Altun , Arzu Ozluer Hunt , Erhan Gungor , Filiz Celik and Abdurrahman Polat

Response of Skip-a-Day Limit Fed Growing Pullets as Affected by Increased Micro-Nutrient Content in Diets under Semi Arid Swaziland

M.A. Isika

Differentiation Between American and European Strains of the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus in Mexico by the Establishment of a Multiple PCR

Fernando Diosdado Vargas , Elvira Carrera Salas , Guadalupe Socci Escatel and Antonio Morilla Gonzalez

Effect of the Addition of Follicular Fluid on in vitro Maturation Media for Bovine Oocytes

C.E. Larocca , I. Lago , M. Viqueira , R. Correa , W. Perez and J. Caravia

Effect of Repeated Super-ov Treatment on Superovulatory Response and Embryo Recovery Rate in West African Dwarf Goats

F.C. Iheukwumere , A.H. Abu , E.C. Ndubisi and U.N. Egu

Genotyping of Athelmintic Resistant Haemonchus contortus Reveals New β-tubulin Allelic Variants

Estefan Miranda-Miranda , Raquel Cossio-Bayugar and Enrique Liebano-Hernandez

Leucocyte Variation During Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin (Pergonal®) and Prostaglandin Treatment in West African Dwarf Goats

A.H. Abu , F.C. Iheukwumere , E.C. Ndubisi and U.N. Egu

Prolactin Gene Polymorphism and Somatic Cell Count in Dairy Cattle

Katarzyna Wojdak-Maksymiec , Marek Kmic and Joanna Strzalaka

Transport Stress and Alleviating its Effect by Supplemental Copper and Zinc in Laying Quails

M. Yerturk , M. Avci and H. Ipek

Effect of FSH+LH (Pergonal®) Treatment and Concentrate Supplementation on Haematology, Immune Status and Serum Metabolites of West African Dwarf Goats

F.C. Iheukwumere , A.H. Abu and E.C Ndubuisi

L-Carnitine Effect on Quantity and Quality of African Black Neck Ostrich Sperm

Sh. Golzar Adabi , A. Haji Babaei , h. Moghaddam , A. Taghizadeh , T. Farahvash , H. Lotfollahian and F. Moslemi Pour

Effects of Golden Flaxseed Supplementation on the Performance and Feed Digestibility of Rabbits

P.G. Peiretti and G. Meineri

Effect of Pre- and Postpartum Selenium Supplementation in Sheep

Abd Elghany Hefnawy , R. Lopez-Arellano , A. Revilla-Vazquez , E. Ramirez-Bribiesca and J. Tortora-Perez

Influence of Tempering and Steaming Requirements of Flaked Corn for Feedlot Cattle Diets

R.A. Zinn , J. Salinas , M. Montano and L. Corona

Ultrasonographic Findings in 25 Zebu Calves with Liver Fascioliasis

S.M.A. Khogali , R.M. Abdelghafar , F.A. Omer and M.S. Fadel

Effect of Forage Level in Diets for Lactating Holstein Cows

M. F. Montano-G mez , J.F. Calderon-Cortes , A. Plascencia-Jorquera , N.G. Torrentera-Olivera , E.G. Alvarez-Almora , T.B. Renteria-Evangelista and J. Salinas-Chavira

In situ Ruminal Dry Matter and Crude Protein Degradability of Plant and Animal Derived Protein Sources in Northwest of Iran

H. Ilghami , A. Taghizadeh , H. Janmohammadi and J. Shoja

Days in Milk at Culling in Holstein Dairy Cows

A. Heravi Moussavi

Antibody Development in Swine Against a Hog Cholera Lethal Strain

Maria Antonia Coba Ayala , E. Pablo Correa Giron , Atalo Martinez Lara , Susana Mendoza Elvira , Abel Ciprian Carrasco , Oscar Torre and Edgar Aguilera Ceron

Effects of Dietary Different Levels of Hatchery Wastes in Broiler

H. Aghdam Shahriar , K. Nazer-Adl , J. Doolgarisharaf and H. Monirifar

Determinations of mRNA’s For TGF 2, 3 in Mouse Testes and Ovaries After a Five days Injection With Glycine or a Serine and Threonine Mixture

H.B. Ciftci

Comparison of Two Methods of Artificial Insemination in Sows

A. Cordova-Izquierdo , Sandra Elena Amaya-Mejia , Mary Silvia Cordova-Jimenez and Cristian Alejandro Cordova-Jimenez