Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 23, 2016)

Trust Based Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

K. Mohaideen Pitchai

Bichromatic Reverse Nearest Neighbours Approach for Processing Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Rnn Monitoring Algorithm

R. Muruganantham and P. Ganeshkumar

Cross-Layer Architecture for Secure Multipath Routing in MANET

J. Srinivasan and G. Tholkappia Arasu

A Comparative Study on Color Image Compression Based on Fractal Geometrical Topologies for Partition Iteration

Shimal Das and Dibyendu Ghoshal

Secure Data Transaction and Forwarding in Cloud Environment

K.L. Neela and V. Kavitha

W-STFRFT: Wiener Filtering in Short-Time Fractional Fourier Domain for Chirp Signal Enhancement

P. Jaisi Praba and Vinsley Sathianathan

User Activity Monitoring Using Keylogger

R. Venkatesh and K. Raja Sekhar

Dynamic Searchable Encryption over Ditributed Cloud Storage

K. Swetha and M.R. Narasinga Rao

Multichannel Speech Processing and Separation Using Hybridized K-Superset Heuristic Algorithm

Logeshwari and Anandha Mala

Localized Region Based Active Contour Algorithm for Segmentation of Abdominal Organs and Tumors in Computer Tomography Images

S.N. Kumar, A. Lenin Fred, S. Lalitha Kumari and P. Sebastian Varghese

Quality of Working Life organization Commitment and Turnover Intention in Information Technology Industries: Structural Equation Modeling and Fuzzy Approach

T. Ramya and Sudhakara Pandian

Test Case Generation for Pairwise+Testing

V. Chandra Prakash and Kadiyala Priyanka

Stable Clustered Topology and Secured Routing Using Mobile Agents in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

K. Sangeetha, P. Vishnuraja and D. Deepa

Proficient System for Real Time Cognitive State Classification Using Wireless Sensor Network and EEG System

B. Paulchamy, V. Sureshbabu and A. Venkatesh

Curvelet Transform Based Visible Colour Image Watermarking Technique Using VLSI

M. Senthilkumar and P.S. Periasamy

Performance Analysis of Electronic Ballast in CFL Application Using Sepic and CUK Converter Topology

M. Srinivasan and S.U. Prabha

Improved Exact Parallel Algorithm for Planted (l, d) Motif Search

Satarupa Mohanty and Biswajit Sahoo

Enhanced Filter Based Personalized Semantic Search

P. Perumal, M.S. Geetha Devasena and R. Ramya

FCM Clustering and Experience Based ABC for Software Project Scheduling with EBS

Sarojini Yarramsetti and G. Kousalya

Energy Forecasting for Grid Connected Solar PV System Based on Weather Classification

Ashwin Kumar Sahoo

Investigations and Analysis of a Fast and Efficient Coding Technique for Medical Images Using Contourlet Transform

M. Tamilarasi and V. Palanisamy

Experimental Study on Removal of Chromium by Cow Dung Ash and Eucalyptus Leaf Ash as Adsorbents

T. Ayyappan and G. Elangovan

Mitigating Cooperative Black Hole Attack by Dynamic Defense Intrusion Detection Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

T. Poongodi, M. Karthikeyan and D. Sumathi

Ontology-Based Saas Catalogue for Cloud Services Publication and Discovery

Yasmine M. Afify, Ibrahim F. Moawad, Nagwa L. Badr and M. F. Tolba

Enhancing Data Security Through Block Level Data Integrity Assurance using Diagonal Based Rotational Technique on Cloud Storage

P. Premkumar and D. Shanthi

A Novel Spectral Signature Based Classification Approach for Airborne and Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery

S. Chidambaram and A. Sumathi

Identification of Medical Plants Using Genetic Algorithm and Recurrent Neural Network

S. Malarkhodi

An Application of Certain Third Order Difference Equation in Image Enhancement

S. Kaleeswari, B. Selvaraj and M. Thiyagarajan