Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 5 Issue 3, 2006)

Efficient Bandwidth Management Using Embedded Network Processor for Quality Distribution of Multimedia Over Mobile Networks

R.Pandian , V.Ramachandran and P.Seethalakshmi

A New Group Key Exchange Protocol Based on Zero-Knowledge Set

Sun Haibo , Lin Dongdai and Xue Rui

A Novel Multi-Channel Based Scheme for Multi-Hop IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks

Yanyi Xu , Shuzong Wang and Changchun Xu

Technology as A Global Pillar and Its Main Features in Greek-Rome Age

M. Nawaz Brohi

3D Shape Extraction from Uncalibrated Environments and Video Camera

A.S.T. Hussain , N.E. Berrached , A.E. Murad and Tayeb Basta

Learner Evaluation Tool for AVUNET Environment

Lamri Douidi , Mahieddine Djoudi and Khentout Chabane

Deductive Inference in The Context of The Dialogue Process

Igor A. Chimir and Waheeb A. Abu-Dawwas

A Tool for Translating A Software Specification Written in Malay into A Formal Statements in Z

Zarina Shukur , Abdullah Md. Zin , Ainita Ban and See Cze Ping

The Application of Data Mining Technologies for Routing in Communication Networks

S. Behin Sam , Amna Omar , A. Kannan and P. Vivekanandan

Random Pulling Model (RPM) for Face Authentication

D. Saigaa , K. Benmahamed , S. Lelandais and N. Benoudjit

Task Collaborative Resolution in Distance Learning Situation

Samir Zidat and Mahieddine Djoudi

The Tag Secrecy of Authentication and its Application to Implementing Secure Channels

Zhenyu Hu , Dongdai Lin and Wenling Wu

Handwritten Signature Verification Using P-tree

A.K.M. Najmul Islam

Zhang et al.`s Partially Blind Signature Revisited

Wei Gao , Xueli Wang and Dongqing Xie

Web Information Clustering by Personal Search Engine Based on SVM

Wang deji , Li mincheng and Xiong fanlun

Performing of Computer Lessons at Private Elementary Schools in Turkey (The Sample of South East Region)

Nuriye Semerci

Impact of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem in the Mobile Communication

P.Balasubramaniam and E.Karthikeyan

Solid Deformation Modeling Techniques

Syaiful Nizam bin Yahya , Norhaida binti Mohd Suaib , Abdullah bin Bade and Siti Mariyam Binti Hj Shamsuddin

Research on The Security in Wireless Sensor Network

L. Weimin , Y. Zongkai , C. Wenqing and T. Yunmeng

Performance Evaluation of Polynomial Congestion Control Algorithms Mimd-Poly and PIPD-Poly in TCP Networks

M. Chandrasekaran and R.S.D.Wahida Banu