Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 6 Issue 4, 2007)

Routing, Topology Discovery and Automatic Network Reconfiguration in AD-HOC Networks Using JADE Mobile Agents

B. Anandampilai

Adsorption of Anions on PBO2 in a Leclanche Dry Cell

Aloko Duncan Folorunsho and Abdullahi Dyadya Mohammed

Spatial Domain Robust Blind Watermarking Scheme for Color Image

Bhupendra Verma , Sanjeev Jain and D.P. Agarwal

Shunt Active Power Filter for Current Harmonics Suppression Using Hysteresis Control

L. Zellouma , A. Omeiri and S. Saad

Wireless Lan Security: An In-Depth Study of the Threats and Vulnerabilities

Rony Hasinur Rahman , Nusrat Nowsheen , Mahbubul Azam Khan and Asif Hossain Khan

Multi-Objective Short-Term Hydrothermal Scheduling Based on Heuristic Search Technique

Jarnail S. Dhillon , J.S. Dhillon and D.P. Kothari

Strategic Approach to the Selection of Appropriate Replication Technique to Model a Fault-Tolerant Internet Connectivity

O.O. Adeosun , E.R. Adagunodo , I.A. Adetunde , T.H. Adeosun and E.O. Omidiora

A New Direct Torque Control Method for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives Compared with Vector Control

M. Hadef , T. Rekioua , M.R. Mekideche and D. Rekioua

Non Linear Control of an Induction Motor

S. Zaidi , F. Naceri and R. Abdessamed

A High Performance CNN Architecture for the Detection of AVB Carrying ECGs

Salama Meghriche , Amer Draa and Mohammed Boulemden

Impact of Current and Voltage Harmonics on Measurement of Active Power in the Electrical Systems

Raouf Hamdaoui and Rabah Diabi

Computer as a Tool in Library and Information Centres

M.S. Omirin and E. Adepoju Olayinka

A Doubly Fed Induction Motor Control Using Passivity

S. Aissi , L. Saidi and R. Abdessemed

Using Remote Sensing Data to Improve Geological Interpretation Mapping in Heqing Area, Northwestern Yunnan Province, China

S. Al-Mokredi Mansour and Hu Guangdao

Implementation of an Intelligent Interpretative Software System

O.V. Viktorov and Afif Mghawish

Study of Tungsten Silicide Composition and Impurities by AES, XPS and SIMS

H. Karmed and A. Khellaf

An FPGA Based Implementation of CA-CFAR Processor

Thamir R. Saed , Jawad K. Ali and Ziad T. Yassen

Incorporation Effect of an Organic Load Resulting from Cores’s Date in a Composite Biomechanical Material by Stress Analysis

K. Tadjine , M. Baccouche , A. Haddi and C. Mathieu

Optimal Experimental Parametrage of Rotary Drilling

M. Ouadi , A. Benretem and A.E. Hadjadj

Cast Iron (GS 38-15) Behavior to Welding and Blowtorch Loading

Said Mechachti , Abdnacer Boucif , Salem Chabour and Elias Hadjadj Aoul

Minimization of the Bypassing of High Voltage Insulators by the Attenuation of the Transient over Voltages

E.B. Azzag , K. Chaoui , M. Houabes and H. Kateb