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Asian Journal of Information Technology (2019 Volume 18)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1682-3915 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-5994 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 9 Issue 4, 2010
Identification of Urinary Tract Infection Bacteria by Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy
Bailing Zhang
Organizing the Phenomenon of Distance Education in the Field of Architecture
Hashem Hashemnazhad, Seyed Bager Hosseini and Mohandes Vahid Vaziri
Enhanced Fuzzy Method for Noise Reduction of Color Image
M. Rahmat Widyanto and Surya Agustian
Analysis of Availability and Reliability for Repairable Parallel Systems with Different Failure Rates
M.A. El-Damcese and N.S. Temraz
Discovery of Maximal Contiguous Sequence Patterns with Priority in Web Logs
M. Thilagu and R. Nadarajan
Infrared Security Alarming System
Kh. Asaduzzaman, M. Nazrul Islam, M. Shahjamal and Mahbubul Hoq
Information and Communication Technology Resource Support Availability, Utilisation and Proficiency Skills among University Libraries: The Lagos State Universiy Experience
A.J. Aina, J.O. Adigun, Taiwo and T.C. Ogundipe
Biometric Authentication System Using Non-linear Chaos
A. Senthil Arumugam and N. Krishnan