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Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2019 Volume 16)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1683-8831 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6052 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 3 Issue 2, 2005
Water Resources Management and Rehabilitation in China
1Feng Qi and 2Liu Wei
Problems of Dry Land Development and Use in China
Feng Qi
Impact of MFA Phase out on Developing Countries: A case study of Bangladesh Textile and Clothing Sector
1Dr. Shahzavar Karimzadi and 2Mohammed Shamsul Karim
Integrated Catchment Management in Arid Countries A Case Study: Wadi Al-Ayn Catchment, Northern Oman
1Hassan A. Al-Ajmi, 2Mushtaque Ahmed , 3Hayder A. Abdel Rahman and 3Salim Ali Al-Rawahy
Share of Children in Annual Development Program A Case with Bangladesh
1M.M.Akash, 2Iftekher Hossain and 3Rabeya Khatoon
Life and Livelihood Means in Char-Land Areas of Bangladesh A Study on Urir Char of Bay of Bengal
M. Edris Alam , Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan and Marshia Tashmim Akbar
Effect of Introduction of User Charges on Health Care in the Public Facilities: Evidences from Some Selected Countries Including Bangladesh
1Nahid Akhter Jahan , 2Rumana Huque and 2Iftekher Hossain
Gender Imbalance in Agricultural Training A Case Study of Botswana
F. M. Tladi and A. A. Aganga
Level of Gender Inequity in Health, Nutrition and Education Status in Bangladesh
1Syed Abdul Hamid , 2Nasrin Sultana and 2Iftekher Hossain
Level, Trends and Differentials of Fecundability among Bangladeshi Women
Assessing Role of Small Businesses on Societal Progress and Poverty Alleviation-Bangladesh Perspective
1Tanvir Mohammad Hayder Arif , 2Mohammad Harisur Rahman Howladar and 3Hossain Shahid Shohrowardhy
On Balanced Systematic Sampling and Modified Systematic Sampling
M. M. Morshed , N. S. M. Yahya and M. A. Karim
Trends and Traditions of Anthropological Model
Muhammad Ala Uddin
Social Mobilization and Economic Empowerment of Women: A Study in Selected Areas of AJK
Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry
Nature Of Portfolio Investment Made By The Nonresidents- An Empirical Study Under Bangladesh Context
Md. Saiful Islam and Md. Alauddinj Majumder
Institutional framework of NGOs in rural poverty alleviation: Bangladesh Perspectives
Recent Issues of Foreign Direct Investment in LDCs: A Case Study of Bangladesh
Khandokar Mohammad. , Istiak and Kazi Mahmudur Rahman
Mortality Transition in South Asian Countries
Study the Differentials, Patterns and Trends of Life Table Surviving Functions (lx) of Bangladesh
Md. Rafiqul Islam
Estimation of Aggregate Import Demand Function for Bangladesh
Amirul Islam and Mohammad Tarequl Hasan Chowdhury
The Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord of 1997 and its Aftermath
Salma Bint Shafiq
Socio-Economic and Psychological Factors of Human Migrants: A Case Study in Faisalabad
1Rabia Rafique , 2Irum Shaheen , 1Saif-ur-Rehman , 1Abdul Basit and 3Durre-Shahwar Mirza
A Sociological Study of Achievement and Motivation of Rural Migrants, A Case Study in Faisalabad City
1Rabia Rafique , 2Irum Shaheen , 1Saif-ur-Rehman and 3Durre-shahwar Mirza
Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Mothers` Attitude Towards Their Daughters` Education in Rural Faisalabad
Amna Afzal , Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Maan , Saif ur Rehman and Nazia Tabasam
A Sociological Study of the Female Students About Their Aspirations Towards Education (A Case Study of Faisalabad Colleges)
Amna Afzal , Dr. Muhammad Asghar Cheema , Saif ur Rehman and Nazia Tabasam
By Giving Emphasis on Fish Sector Would Be the Key for Export Marketing in Bangladesh
Suraiya Nazneen , 1Mohammad Shamsuddoha and 2Mohammed Shahedul Quader
Corporate Governance and its Implication in Bangladesh
1Mohammad Shamsuddoha , 2Mohammed Shahedul Quader and 3 Hossain Shahid Shohrowardhy
Knowledge Management in the Intelligent Organization
1Mohammad Shamsuddoha , 2Nazneen Jahan Chy and 3S. M. Sohrab Uddin
A Quest for Establishing Relationships Between Age and Job Performance
1Mohammad Shamsuddoha and 2 Md. Khaled Afzal