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Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2019 Volume 16)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1683-8831 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-6052 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 2, 2004
HIV/AIDS and Women: A Gender Perspective Analysis With Special Reference To Bangladesh
Pradip Kumar Panday
Reproductive Rights of Women in Bangladesh:An Analysis from the Perspectives of the Status of Safe Motherhood
Mohammad Bellal Hossain
Application of the Space-time Concept: A Study of Pedestrians and Vehicles Interaction Along Arterial Road
Jacob Oluwoye
Globalization-Economic, Legal and Institutional Aspects in the Light of Developing Countries
Jahangir Alam
Foreign Aid to Developing Countries an Analytical Profile of Bangladesh
Jahangir Alam and S.M. Nasrul Qadir
Competitive Factors Influencing Outcome of Negotiation A Classic Case about Pepsi Co. in India
Jahangir Alam
Heterogeneity and Efficiency in a Coastal Fishery: The Case of the Artisanal Fishery in Al-Batinah Region, Sultanate of Oman
Hamed Al-Oufi
Latent Research and Innovation in Russian Technical Universities Attempt of Identification and Estimation
Anatoly M. ILYshev , Nina N. ILYsheva and Serguei A. Kouzoubov
Population Growth and Economic Development in the Arab Gulf Countries: Economic Analysis and Future Prospective
Ahmed Salim Al-Marshudi
The Web and a Sense of Home for Overseas Chinese Students in America
Xin-An (Lucian) Lu