Journal of Food Technology (2022 Volume 20)

  • Number of issues per year: 4
  • ISSN: 1684-8462 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6036 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 2, 2005)

Detection of -haemolysin Gene in Aeromonas Isolated from Retail Fish in Malaysia

Chua Kek Heng , Son Radu , Salmah Ismail and Nuruliza Roslan

Microbial Profile of Alligator pepper (Aframomum melegueta) and Negro pepper (Xylopia aethiopica) During processing

Bridget O. Omafuvbe and Deboye O. Kolawole

Effect of Whey Protein Supplementation and/or Fermentation on Biochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Sorghum Flour

Fatima S , Ibrahim , Elfadil E. Babiker , Nabila E. Yousif and Abdullahi H. ELTinay

Evaluation of In-Vivo Wound Healing Activity of Chromolaena Odorata Leaf Extract on Excision Wounds Model in Rats

A. A. Mahmood , K. Sidik , K. A. R. Suzainur , M. Indran and I. Salmah

Microbiological Analysis of Crude and Ready-to-Eat Meats

Cruz R.M. , Fuentes M. E. , Gusils C.H and Puga Mendilaharzu H.

Relation Between Probiotic Milk Administration and Some Bone Turnover Markers

J. Ortiz zavalla , Z. Chaila , O. Alarcon , R. Moreno , C. Gusils , P. Gauffin cano , G. Oliver , S. Gonzalez and Dra. Silvia Gonzalez

Textural and Biochemical Changes Associated with the Hardening Phenomenon in Aiele Fruit (Canarium schweinfurthii Eng)

Cesar Kapseu , Bernadette Piffaut , Michel Parmentier and Cesar Kapseu

An Assessment of the Nutritional Value of Oso - a Condiment made by Fermenting Seeds of Cathormion Altissimum

Popoola , Tope O. S. , Jolaoso , A. Adeola and Aderonke A. Akintokun

Effectt of Heating and Storage on Honey Hydroxy Methylfurfural and Diastase Activity

Nuray Sahinler and Aziz Gul

-Agonist Intoxication from Meat Ingestion

A.Capasso , G.Brambilla , M.Ferruzzi , L.Lucibelli , F.Franconi , F.Rondoni , G. Mazzanti , C. Daniele , A.Loizzo and Anna Capasso

Interest and Response- Times - Measures of Consumer Responses to Concepts

Howard Moskowitz , Dorit Cohen and Bert Krieger

The Presence and Types of Microorganisms in `Adoyo` a Local Anti-Malaria Herbal Drinks

Bankole, M. O.

The Antimicrobial Effects of the Cream of Tartar (‘KUKA`) of Baobab Fruit, on Fermented Milk (‘NONO`)

Bankole, M. Olufunmilayo

Physicochemical Properties of Some Non-Conventional Oilseeds

M. S. Akanni , A. S. Adekunle and E. A. Oluyemi

Effect of Types of Coagulant on the Nutritive value and In vitro Multienzyme Protein Digestibility of Tofu

Oboh G. and Omotosho O. E.

Interaction of Dietary Phytate, Calcium and Zinc in Relation to Fat Digestion and Bile Acid Excretion in Rats

C. Yuangklang , Th. Wensing , A. G. Lemmens , 2 X. M. Fielmich-Bouman , S. Jittakhot and A. C. Beynen

A Nutritious Powder Mixture Formulation (Multimistura) as Food Supplement Chemical Composition and Analysis of Protein Fractions

Railene A. Pereira , Luciana G. Alves , Liziane M. Lima , Adeliana S. Oliveira , Maria R. A. Miranda Edda L.Leite and Mauricio p.

Characterization of Metabolic Effects of Energy Mal-Nutrition An Experimental Model for `In vivo` Studies in Weaned and Adult Mice

Gauffin Cano Paola and Chaila Zulema

Nutritional Potential of the Seeds of Bauhinia Monandra (Linn)

B. A. Anhwange, V. O. Ajibola and S. J. Oniye

Efficacy of High Voltage Treatment on Tomato Storage

G. Atungulu , E. Atungulu , R. Okada and Y. Nishiyama

Effect of Salting Methods on Quality of Smoked Dry Laked Fish

Tenin Dzudie and Joel Scher

Effect of Fat Sources on the Physico-Chemical Nutritional and Textural Properties of Beef Sausages

T. Dzudie , J. Scher and J. Hardy

Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Tomato Seed Oil

Xin-yu Shen and Shi-ying Xu

Toasted Soybean Meal Based Diets Supplemented with Phytase Enhanced Growth and Reduced Faecal Mineral Deposition by Nile Tilapia

Nwanna, L. C.

The Activity of Rutin Degrading Enzyme from Flower Buds of Japanese Pagoda Tree

Tatsuro Kijima , Shingo Takahashi , Toshiaki Itozawa and Taeko Izumi

Cold Storage of Pineapple ‘Smooth Cayenne Under Different Types of Packaging

Edmar Clemente and Carlos Alberto Scapim

Modification of Beef Tallow Stearin and Olein by Chemical and Enzymatic Interesterification with Soybean Oil

Malgorzata Kowalska , Boleslaw Kowalski , Witold Bekas and Sylwester Stepniak

Effect of Domestic Processing on Antinutrients and Availability of Protein and Minerals of Lupin (Lupinus termis) Seeds

Amro B. Hassan , Gammaa A. Osman and Elfadil E. Babiker

Effect of Kitchen Leftovers on Body Measurements and Pork Carcass Quality

Marcelino Becerril-Herrera and Daniel Mota-Rojas

A Comparison Between Selenium Dioxide and Selenium Methionine Induced Cytotoxicity in Estrogen Receptor Negative and Positive Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Kuppusamy U. R. , Y. P. Wan , J. W. Chai , M. S. Kanthimathi , M. S. Kanthimathi and Umah Rani Kuppusamy