International Journal of Molecular Medicine and Advance Sciences (2019 Volume 15)

  • Number of issues per year: 4
  • ISSN: 1813-176x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1994-4624 (Online)
Archive (Volume 2 Issue 2, 2006)

Role of Viral Cytokines (Virokines) in Viral Infections-Mini Review

R. Manoj Kumar , R. Anbazhagan , C.C. Satheesh , V. Balamurugan , V. Mrudula and K. Porteen

Molecular Cytogenetics Analysis: As A Technique and its Applications

H.H. Musa , B.C.Li , G.H. Chen and J.H. Cheng

Serological Survey of Toxoplasmosis in Women Referred to Medical Health Laboratory Before Marriage, Northern Iran, 2003-2004

M. Sharif, A. Ajami , A. daryani , H. Ziaei and A. Khalilian

Protective Role of Antigens from Peritoneal Exudates of Infected Mice Against Toxoplasmosis

A. Daryani, A. Zavaran Hosseini , M. Sharif , A. Dalimi , M.H. Dehghan and H. Ziaei

Dynamics of Neurodegeneration and of Potential Neuroprotection

Lawrence M. Agius

Epigenesis of Carcinogenesis as Inflammatory Cytokine Mechanics

Lawrence, M. Agius

Is Neoplastic Cell Infiltration and Spread a Differentiation of Systems in Progression?

Lawrence M Agius

Stereotyped Tissue Response Promotes Progression of Injury in Bowel Inflammation

Lawrence M. Agius

Beyond Neuronal Cell Lossin Tissue Atrophy of Alzheimer Type

Lawrence M. Agius

Initiating Events in Brain Aging Integral to Predetermined Neurodegeneration of Alzheimer Type

Lawrence M. Agius

Antibacterial Effect of Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra) on Three Enteropathogens in Man

Uchechi N. Ekwenye and Njoku U. Njoku

A New Hybrid RMN Image Segmentation Alogrithm

Abdelouahab Moussaoui , Nabila Farahta and Victor Chen

Evaluation of the Phytonutrients, Mineral and Vitamin Contents of Some Varieties of Yam (Dioscorea sp.)

D.E Okwu and C.U. Ndu

Adaptation of Method Dader in an Addict Patient to Benzodiazepins Self-Medication

Beatriz Pece Bollero , Maria Elena Fuentes , Alejandra Michel and Magdalena Cruz

Serologic Study of Bacterial and Viral Causes of Abortion and Fetus Death in the Patients Referring to Imam Khomeini Hospital of Sari Northern Iran

M. Nasrolahei and M. Vahedi

Impaired Biophysical Dynamics of Insulin Secretion Primarily Precipitate Transcription Failure and the Diabetic State

Lawrence M. Agius and

Developmental Dimensions of Autophagy and Lysosomal Reactivities In Alzheimer Disease

Lawrence M. Agius

Self-Amplification of Tumor Cell Proliferation Determines Carcinogenetic Progression

Lawrence M. Agius

Acceleration of Wound Healing by Aqueous Extract of Allium sativum in Combination with Honey on Cutaneous Wound Healing in Rats

K. Sidik , A.A. Mahmood and I. Salmah

Comparison between the effects of Syzygium jambolanum leaf and fruit extracts on estrogen positive and estrogen negative breast cancer cell lines.

U.M. Thliamplam , U.R.Kuppusamy , M.S. Kanthimathi and C. Wiart