Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1815-932x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6079 (Online)
Archive (Volume 9 Issue 10, 2014)

Centrifugal Kerosene Pump CFD-Modeling

Vasily Zubanov, Leonid Shabliy and Alexandr Krivcov

Composing a Virtual Model of Gas Turbine Engine Working Process Using the CAE System “ASTRA”

V.S. Kuz`michev, A.Y. Tkachenko, I.N. Krupenich and V.N. Rybakov

Determination of Extreme Capabilities for Vibration Isolation Systems with One Degree of Freedom

G.V. Lazutkin, A.M. Ulanov and K.V. Boyarov

Development of Squeeze Film Damper Characteristics Calculation Methods Which Take into Account a Liquid Inertia Forces

Dmitry K. Novikov

Elastic, Frictional, Strength and Dynamic Characteristics of the Bell Shape Vibration Isolators Made of MR Wire Material

G.V. Lazutkin and K.V. Boyarov

Hydrogen-Oxygen Rocket Engine Design Using CFD-Modeling

Vasiliy Zubanov, Vitaliy Egorychev and Leonid Shabliy

Life-Time of Vibration Insulators Made of Metal Rubber Material under Random Load

A.M. Ulanov and S.A. Bezborodov

Strength Analysis of the Internal Combustion Engine Elements by Using CAD/CAE-Systems

Evgeniy A. Saigakov, Alexey A. Gorshkalev, Sergey S. Kayukov and Evgeniy V. Blagin

A New-Generation Heat-Insulating Constructional Glass Composite

Oleg Vladimirovich Puchka, Valeriy Stanislavovich Lesovik, Nina Ivanovna Minko, Sergey Sergeevich Vaysera and Maria Arkadievna Frolova

High-Strength Decorative Complexes with Organo-Mineral Additives

Alexander Dmitrievich Tolstoy, Valery Stanislavovich Lesovik and Irina Alexandrovna Kovaleva

Investigation of the Effect of the Gas Turbine Compressor Supports on Gas Flow Circumferential Nonuniformity

Aleksandr I. Ermakov, Aleksandr O. Shklovets, Grigorii M. Popov and Daria A. Kolmakova

Development of Complex Criterion of Efficiency of Process of an Electroerosive Insertion of Small Openings at Research of Interrelations of Basic Components of Process

Elena Ivanovna Puzacheva, Anatoly Fedorovich Bojko and Alexey Vladimirovich Macpherson

Introduction to Theory of Transverse Centerless Grinding of Large Cylindrical Surfaces

Nikolay Andreevich Pelipenko, Sergey Nikolaevich Sanin, Alexandr Alexandrovich Afanasjev, Tatjana Alexandrovna Dujun and Andrey Alexandrovich Gunkin

Procedure of Integration of the Systems of Representation and Application of the Structured Physical Knowledge

Sergey Alexeevich Fomenkov, Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Korobkin, Sergey Grigoryevich Kolesnikov, Alexander Mikhaylovich Dvoryankin and Valeriy Anatolyevich Kamaev

Simulation of the Software-Defined Network for a High-Performance Computing Cluster

Igor Sergeevich Konstantinov, Jurij Gennadievich Chashin and Sergej Aleksandrovich Lazarev