Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1815-932x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6079 (Online)
Archive (Volume 9 Issue 11, 2014)

Face Gas-Dynamic Seal of High-Speed Compressor

Sergei V. Falaleev and Petr V. Bondarchuk

Mechanical Characteristics of Vibration Isolators Made of Various Wire Materials

Gennady V. Lazutkin and Alexander M. Ulanov

On Acoustic Amplification of Gas Pressure Pulsations in Metering Circuits

Asgat G. Gimadiev, Nicholas D. Bystrov and Marat A. Gimadiev

Ways of Speed Increase for Internal Combustion Engine Fuel Injectors

V. Biryuk, S. Kayukov, V. Zvyagintsev and U. Lysenko

Approaches to the Solution of Tasks on Decision Support by Managing the Environmental Safety of the Local Urban Areas

Olga Alexandrovna Ivashchuk, Igor Sergeevich Konstantinov, Orest Dmitrievich Ivashchuk and Vladimir Leonidovich Kurbatov

Identification Aspects and High-Risk Areas Evaluation During City General Plan Development Design

Margarita Victorovna Perkova, Yuri Vasilievich Kruglov, Tatiana Petrovna Scherbakova and Sergey Nikolaevich Kiselev

Influence of Mineralogy of Clays on Structural and Textural Features of the Heat Effective Composite Material

Irina Anatolevna Ivleva, Pavel Vasil`evich Besedin, Igor Ivanovich Nemets and Sergey Viktorovich Andrushhak

Methodological Principles of Agglomeration Processes Improvement in Technologies of Disperse Materials Processing

Maxim Vladimirovich Sevostyanov, Tat`yana Nikolaevna Il`ina, Vladimir Semenovich Sevostyanov and Dmitrij Aleksandrovich Emel`anov

Reduction of Energy Consumption in Manufacturing the Fine Ground Cement

Valeriy Stanislavovich Lesovik, Nataliya Ivanovna Alfimova and Pavel Viktorovich Trunov

Synthesis of the Physical Principle of Operation of Engineering Systems in the Software Environment CPN Tools

Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Korobkin, Sergey Alexeevich Fomenkov, Sergey Grigoryevich Kolesnikov and Valeriy Anatolyevich Kamaev

Methodology of Rheological Material Properties Phenomenological Modeling at High Speed Cutting by Reverse Analysis

Alexander I. Khaimovich, Andrey V. Balaykin and Alexander I. Kondratiev

Research of Temperature Influence on the Contact Pressure in Radial Seals

Fedor Vasilyevich Parovay, Valery Alexandrovich Borisov and Elena Fedorovna Parovay

Solid Carbide End Mills Tool Life Increase In Titanium Alloys Machining By Design Development And Rational Choice Of Geometrical Parameters

Dmitry Leonidovich Skuratov, Alexey Nikolaevich Zhidyaev and Mikhail Borisovich Sazonov

Analysis of the Single Session Access Model in the Distributed Portal Network of the Interacting Parties of the Informational Space

Igor Sergeevich Konstantinov, Sergej Aleksandrovich Lazarev, Oleg Vladimirovich Mihalev and Vladimir Leonidovich Kurbatov

Design of New Approaches and Technological Solutions of Obtaining Biocidal Compositions to Protect Industrial and Civil Buildings and Constructions Against Biodeterioration

Yulia Egorovna Tokach, Yury Konstantinovich Rubanov, Marina Ivanovna Vasilenko, Elena Nikolayevna Goncharova, Evgeni Ivanovich Evtushenko and Siranush Anushavanovna Kazaryan

Features of Application of High-MG Technogenic Raw Materials as a Component of Composite Binders

Nataliya Ivanovna Alfimova, Mikhail Sergeyevich Sheychenko, Sergey Viktorovich Karatsupa, Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Yakovlev, Aleksandr Sergeyevich Kolomatskiy and Nikolai Nikolaevich Shapovalov

Effect of Accounting of Air Bleed from The Flow Passage of The Multi-Stage Axial Low Pressure Compressor on its Design Performances

V.N. Matveev, G.M. Popov, E.S. Goryachkin and Y.D. Smirnova

Research of the Thermal State of Aviation Engine Supports

Alexandr Vinogradov, Renat Badykov and Clovis Pilla

The Features of Resonance Stressscatter in Turbine Wheels with a Weak Connectivity of Blade Vibrations

A.I. Ermakov, A.V. Urlapkin and D.G. Fedorchenko

The Influence of a Blade Vibrations Connectivity on a Degree of Disturbance of Turbine Wheels Rotation Symmetry

A.I. Ermakov and A.V. Urlapkin

The Semi-Natural Test Bench with Virtual Gas Turbine Engine Model for Fuel Supply and Control System Characteristics Investigation

Salimzhan A. Gafurov, Kirill V. Blyumin and Asgat G. Gimadiev

Try-Out of Estimation Method of Diameter for Stator Rings of Gas-Turbine Engine Compressor for Highly-Efficient Production Purposes

Anastasiya Cheveleva and Nikolai Pronichev

Anisotropy of Materials Properties of Natural and Man-Triggered Origin

Anna Aleksandrovna Kuprina, Valery Stanislavovich Lesovik, Liliya Hasanovna Zagorodnyk and Michail Yuryevich Elistratkin

Method of Evaluation of Profile Form and Shaped Surfaces with Application of Wavelets

Vadim A. Pechenin, Michael A. Bolotov and Nikolay V. Rusanov

New Technologies, Techniques, Ecological Aspects of Cleaning-Up and Maintenance of Roads, Territories and Production Facilities

Victor Gennadievich Chertov, Alexandr Vladimirovich Belousov and Natalia Viacheslavovna Kornilova

Technologies of Laser Radiation Focusators

S.R. Abul`khanov

Determination of Structural and Technological Parameters of the Cage Mills with Different Cross-Sections Grinding Chamber

Igor Alexandrovich Semikopenko, Sergey Vladimirovich Vyalykh and Alexandr Alexandrovich Zhukov

Blade Wave Finite Element

D.P. Davydov and A.I. Ermakov

Calculation of Main Kinematic Characteristics of the Single-Shaft Vibrator with Aimed Fluctuations

Michail Dmitrievitsch Gerasimov, Oleg Vitalievich Mkrtychev, Viktor Anatolievich Stepanistchev and Vladimir Semenovich Sevost`yanov

The Analysis of The Possibility of The Energy Management System Integration Inmunicipal Institutionsin Belgorod (Russia)

Kristina Januario Shirrime and Pavel Alekseevich Trubaev

The Application of EDEM Software for Design Parameters Calculation of a Ball Mill Lining

Vasily S. Bogdanov, Pavel A. Khakhalev, Nikita E. Bogdanov and Alexey Ju. Gavrunov

The Influence of Technological Factors on the Basic Properties of Vibropressed Concrete Paving Slabs

Lyudmila Alexandrovna Suleymanova, Karina Alexandrovna Kara, Marina Valerievna Malyukova, Karim Abdullaevich Suleymanov and Kirill Romanovich Kondrashev

The Unit of a Grinding and Material Classification on The Basis of a Mill of Desintegrating Type

Igor Alexandrovich Semikopenko, Sergey Vladimirovich Vyalykh and Alexandr Alexandrovich Zhukov

Creating Conception of Recreational Areas Development on The Example of Small Urban Settlements

Danila Aleksandrovich Lonshakov, Margarita Viktorovna Perkova, Andrey Gennadievich Bolshakov and Kseniya Mihailovna Tribuntseva

Definition of the Stress-Strain State of Masonry Including Technological Factors of its Work

Andrey E. Naumov and Alexander G. Yuriev