Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1815-932x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6079 (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 10, 2015)

The Effect of Brand Commitment on e-WOM and Brand Image in the Mobile Market

Seyed Mohammad Bagher Jafari, Asef Karimi, Mehrdad Forouzandeh and Nousha Safahani

The Possibility Measurement of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Application in Teaching-Learning Process

Kamal Asadpour

Identify the Organizational Culture of Saderat Bank in Tehran and Determine its Relationship with Employees Performance

Saeed Sayadi, Ayub Sheikh and Seyed Kazem Mortazavi Oskouei

Does Capital Structure React Similarly to Probable and Real Credit Rating Changes?

Afef Feki Krichene and Walid Khoufi

Reversible Energy-Accumulating System Using the Energy of Phase Transition of Liquid Heat Carrier

B. Akhmetov, P. Kharitonov, O. Kisseleva and F. Malikova

Modern Boost Decision Tree Algorithm: A Novel and Effective Discrimination Prevention Technique Using Data Mining Technique

P. Baskaran and K. Arulanandam

Complex Predict Fault Diagnostics of Electromagnetic Actuators Based on the Principle Component Analyses

Danil Shaykhutdinov, Anton Lankin, Nuri Narakidze, Valeriy Grechikhin, Konstantin Shirokov and Nikolay Gorbatenko

Expansion of a Timed Colored Petri Nets Model for a Patient Health Care Center Flow Processes

R. Thamizharasan and Kumaravel Appavoo

Evaluating the Accuracy of Orthophotos and Satellite Images in the Context of Road Centerlines in Test Sites in Hungary

Zsolt Varga, Herta Czedli, Csaba Kezi, Jozsef Loki, Akos Fekete and Janos Biro

StakeRatreet: A New Approach to Requirement Elicitation Based on Stakeholder Recommendation and Collaborative Filtering

C. Senthil Murugan and S. Prakasam

Gua Musang Unexpected and Rarely Inferno Incident: A Case Study

Mohd Shamsuri Khalid, Ahmad Rahman Songip, Nooh Abu Bakar and Mohtar Musri

The Use of Collaborative Learning to Improve Critical Thinking of General Certificate of Education Advanced-Level Psychology Students: An Experiment

Nurrul Azureen Omar

Preliminary Study of Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Soil: The Effect of Moisture Content

Faeiza Buyong, MohdSuzairiff Zainal and NurulAtikahMohd Fozi

An Effective Cleaning Method of Cement Clinker from Alkaline Earth Metals

Natalya V. Klyuchnikova, Vyacheslav I. Pavlenko and Sergey S. Vaysera

Features of Design of Ecovillages in Depressed Areas in the City

Margarita V. Perkova, Natalia G. Blagovidova and Kseniya M. Tribuntseva

Influence of Mechanical and Chemoactivation Processes on Operational Characteristics of Geopolymer Binder

N.I. Kozhukhova, I.V. Zhernovsky, V.V. Strokova and V.A. Kalashnikova

Fine-Grain Concrete Reinforced by Polypropylene Fiber

Ruslan V. Lesovik, Sergey V. Klyuyev, Aleksandr V. Klyuyev, Aleksey V. Netrebenko, V.T. Yerofeyev and Andrey V. Durachenko

Implementation of Unified Session Access Model in a Closed Virtual Environment of Distributed Information-Computational Resource System as a Secured Portal Network

Igor S. Konstantinov, Sergej A. Lazarev, Oleg V. Mihalev and Vladimir E. Kiselev

Diversity of Demonstration of the Russian Mentality in the Modern Russian Society

Lilya A. Sabirova

Infrastructure Development as Innovation Diffusion Environment within a State Policy

Vladimir M. Bukharaev, Bulat R. Nabiyev and Rinat A. Nabiyev

Professional Adaptation of Students as Future Teachers Using Case Study Technology

Albina R. Abdrafikova, Rimma M. Ahmadullina and Tatiana S. Pimenova

Organization of Independent Work on Mathematics among the Students of Biological Department at University Using Information Technologies

Rif M. Ganeev and Aigul R. Ganeeva

Decrease in Heatlosse of Rotating Burning Units (Aggregates)

Mikhail A. Fedorenko, Julia A. Bondarenko, Rashid R. Sharapov, Olga V. Markova, Denis A. Pogonin and Nickolay S. Pershin

Boundary Conditions for Electron Balance Equation in the Stationary High-Frequency Induction Discharges

Victor Semenovich Zheltuhin, Pavel Sergeevich Solovyev and Violetta Yurevna Chebakova

Testing of Student Communicative Competence During Tatar Language Study

Gulnur A. Guseynova, Kadriya S. Fathullova and Elvira N. Denmuhametova

Research of Dispersion Characteristics of Screened Cements

Rashid Rizaevich Sharapov, Yulia Anatolievna Bondarenko, Rinat Rashidovich Sharapov and Vladislav Stanislavovich Prokopenko

Fuel Industry Formation in the Region: Unknown Chapters of History of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia)

Almaz R. Gapsalamov

Early Comprehensive Care for Children with Mental and Physical Disabilities in Modern Educational Space: A Review of Technologies

Anna I. Akhmetzyanova

About the Role of Surface Phenomena in the Processes of Processing of the Dispersed Materials

Maxim V. Sevostyanov, Tatyana N. Ilina, Vladimir S. Sevostyanov and Dmitry A. Emelyanov

Determination of Magnetic Characteristics of Alternative Current Electrotechnical Devices Using the Method of Full-Scale-Model Tests

A.M. Lankin, M.V. Lankin, V.V. Grechikhin and D.V. Shaikhutdinov

The Development of Textile Fine-Grained Fiber Concrete Using Technogenic Raw Materials

Ruslan V. Lesovik, Sergey V. Klyuev, Alexander V. Klyuev, Anatoly A. Tolbatov and Andrei V. Durachenko

The Dialectic of the Global and Local Relationships in the Context of Contemporary Global Processes

Dilyara Sh. Muftahutdinova and Ildar Z. Gaffarov

Architectural Features of Ancient Damascus

Hiba Abass, Margarita V. Perkova and Lyudmila I. Kolesnikova

The Relationship of Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies with Motivation for Academic Achievement

Samereh Sadat Mousavi Anzehaei and Hassan Rastegarpour