Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1815-932x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6079 (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 12, 2015)

Development Multiprocessing Mathematical Model of Electromagnetic AC Drive

Danil Shaykhutdinov, Anton Lankin, Sergey Janvarev, Nuri Narakidze, Roman Leukhin and Konstantin Shirokov

Application of Grammars of Kitano Graph Generation for Coding of Structure of Feedforward Artificial Neural Network

M.V. Akinin, N.V. Akinina, A.N. Kolesnikov, A.V. Sokolova and I.S. Soldatenko

Neural Network Method of Operative Linking of Airphoto Intelligence and Virtual Topographic Model

M.V. Aknin, N.V. Akinina, A.V. Sokoloa and I.S. Soldatenko

Fine Concrete Polypropylene Fibers

Ruslan Valeryevich Lesovik, Sergey Vasilyevich Klyuyev, Alexander Vasilyevich Klyuyev, Vladimir Trofimovich Erofeev, Alexey Victorovich Netrebenko and Andrey Victorovich Durachenko

Composite Pigment-Filler on the Basis of Sludge of Heat Power Plant and Tails of Enrichment of Ferruterous Quartzites

Svetlana V. Sverguzova, Galina I. Tarasova, Irina V. Starostina, Andrei A. Vnukov and Maria Ju. Fedorina

Procedural Guarantees of Rights of Citizens of the Russian Federation in the Foreign States

Alisher R. Khodzhiev and Anas G. Nuriev

Issues of Legal Enlightenment in the Activities of the Municipalities Councils of the Russian Federation

G.R. Khabibullina and A.G. Ibragimov

The Moment of Entering into a Contract Under Russian and US Law

Guzel F. Nagumanova

Surrogacy: Legal and Moral Dimension of the Problem from the Perspective of Russian, Foreign and International Experience

Kamil M. Arslanov and Olga N. Nizamieva

Development of a Computer-Based Stand for Research of the Methods of Sensorless Control of Electromagnets DC

Danil Shaykhutdinov, Nikolay Gorbatenko and Roman Leukhin

Implementation of the International Labour Standards in the Russian Labour Law (By the Example of the Right to Association)

Maksim V. Vasilyev

Consistency in Law: Theoretical Model and Practical Significance

Maksim V. Voronin

On Principles of Labour Law

Marat Y. Baryshnikov

Seminars as a Tool of Students’ Formation of Cognitive Activity Motivation

E.M. Ibragimova and M.G. Ibragimov

Legal and Organizational Principles of Preventing Corruption

Stanislav I. Golubev

Genesis of Crimes Connected with Corruption: Investigation and Confrontment

Timur A. Gumerov

Importance of the Operational and Search Activity in Investigation of Terrorism-Related Crimes

Zufyar S. Gataullin, Timur A. Gumerov, Vladimir N. Zhadan and Iskandar G. Mukhametgaliev

Increasing of the Intensity Processes of the Formation and Deposition of Aerosol Particles with Application of Electric Charger

J.J. Utemuratov, A.S. Usmanov, D.K. Karmanov and Gani Zhumatay

Spatial Interaction Pattern and the Process of City Activity Formation System (Case Study, Ternate, Tidore Archipelago and Sofifi City of North of Maluku)

Batara Surya

Speckle Noise Removal Methods in Ultrasound Medical Images: A Survey

A.R. Anil and R. Rajesh

Collector Zones Research of the Crystal Base on the Basis of Deep Well Drilling Analysis Results

Irina N. Plotnikova

Hydro-Geological Features and Prospects of Oil-Bearing Capacity for Archaean and Proterozoic Complex of the Volga-Ural Region

Raphael L. Ibragimov and Irina N. Plotnikova

Levelling Indices of Physical Health, Physical Fitness and Anxiety Reduction in Schoolchildren of Seven and Nine with Hearing Impairment by Means of Experimental Program of Physical Education

Dmitry A. Shatunov and Kadriya R. Volkova

Characteristics of Serratia Marcescens Strains

Tatyana V. Shirshikova, Elvira Kh. Nizamutdinova, Ayslu M. Mardanova, Margarita R. Sharipova and Lidiya M. Bogomolnaya

Impact of the Group Content on the Properties of Bitumen of Different Grades

A.I. Lakhova, S.M. Petrov, R.R. Zakieva, D.A. Ibragimova, L.R. Baibekova and D.R. Isakov

Resin Formation of Trademark Gasoline Components in the Presence of Oxygenates

L.R. Baibekova, A.V. Sharifullin, A.A. Trofimov, S.M. Petrov and D.A. Feoktistov

The Control of Building Composite Structure Formation Through the Use of Multifunctional Modifiers

Aleksandr Anatolevich Volodchenko, Valery Stanislavovich Lesovik, Liliya Hasanovna Zagorodnjuk, Anatoly Nikolaevich Volodchenko and Kuprina Anna Aleksandrovna

The Role of the WTO Law in International System

Nataliya Y. Tyurina

High-Precision Magnetic Prospecting Researches in the Territory of Bulgarian Historical and Architectural Memorial Estate

Bulat M. Nasyrtdinov, Ayrat N. Dautov and Artur V. Fattakhov

Research and Development of System Elements of Automatic Control and Regulation of Ozone Concentration in Enclosed Space

Sh.A. Bakhtayev, Sh.K. Koshimbaev and A.Zh. Toygozhinova

Prospects for Multiple Reductions in Test Samples with a Multivariate, Multicriteria, The Neural Network Statistical Analysis of Biometric Data

Berik Akhmetov, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Malygin, Zhibek Alibiyeva, Kaiyrkhan Mukapil, Gulzhanat Beketova and Nazym Zhumangalieva

Description and Analysis of America’s Representation Iniranian Newspapers Before and after Beginning Final 5+1 Nuclear Talks: Critical Discourse Analysis Approach (Van Leeuwen 2008)

Shirin Gohari, Ferdows Aghagolzadeh and Hayat Ameri