Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1815-932x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6079 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 12, 2016)

Construct Self-Similarity Matrix Based on Fractal Method

Israa Hadi and Firas Sabar Miften

Determining Maximum Value and Optimizing a Bivariate Function Using Genetic Algorithm

Taherh Shokuhi, Majid Pazand and Nasrin Hamidi

Technical Modernization at the Enterprises of Industrial Complex of the Soviet Far East (1965-1985): Conditions, Factors and Outcomes

Nonna M. Platonova

Generalized-Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Conditional Value at Risk (CVAR): An Analysis in the Iranian Stock Market Data

Nargess Hosseinioun

Concept of Islamic Inheritance Law (Faraid) in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

Mohd Shahril Ahmad Razimi

Groundwater Resource Management: A Way to Reduce Poverty in Africa

O.O. Adewoyin, E.S. Joel and O.T. Kayode

Generalized Group Chain Acceptance Sampling Plan Based on Truncated Life Test

Abdur Razzaque Mughal, Zakiyah Zain and Nazrina Aziz

The Gradient of β-particles Irradiation’s Energy, Produced by Linear Accelerator and its use in Radiotherapy of Cancer Diseases

Labinot Kastrati, Gazmend Nafezal and Gezim Shahi

U-Slot Notch Band Mimo Antenna to Reduce Polarization Diversity

S. Lakshmi Narayana, B.T.P. Madhav, A. Manikanta, P. Asha, T. Venkatesh and Ch. Vinay

Survey on Network Architecture with Hierarchical Routing Protocols for UWSN

Mukhtiar Ahmed, Mazleena Salleh and M.I. Brahim Channa

Determination of Key Performance Indicators Priorities aspects of Teaching Learning Process and Atmosphere Academic Study Programs in Private Higher Education

Lamatinulu and Muhammad Dahlan

Tetracycline: A Non-Toxic Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Aqueous Environment

S. Chitra and B. Anand

The Implementation of Entrepreneurship Learning by using Project-Based Learning Method in University

M.M. Ninik Sudarwati

Calculation of Government’s Fiscal Policy Index in TVP-FAVAR Models

Mohammad Jafari, Shahram Fattahi and Mehdi Khodaei

Damage Cost for Private Property by Extreme Wind over the past 10 Years in Korea

Chan-Young Yune, Gou-Moon Choi and WooYoung Jung

Performance Analysis of Cluster-Based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

C. Jothikumar and Revathi Venkataraman

New Structure of III-V Tandem Solar Cells Based on Crystalline Silicon by using Trough Concentrator

Rached Ganouni, Mourad Talbi, Mohamed Fathi Boujmil and Hatem Ezzaouia

Protection of Youth Rights: The Role of Human Right Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM)

Alias Azhar, Asmah Laili Hj Yeon, Zainal Amin Ayub and Rozita Arshad

Analyzing the Cognitive Style of 4 Anonymous War Poets (346 Poets) Based on the Researcher Deductive Correction

Niayesh Baymani and Ahmad Zakeri

Asymptotic Analysis of the Boundary Layerby Matching the WKB Solutions of the Inner and Outer Layers of a Neo-Hookean Cylindrical Shell

Taherh Shokuhi, Majid Pazand and Nasrin Hamidi

Robotic Control System of the Multistage Manual Transmission with Friction Clutch

Alexandr Blokhin

Analytical Methods for Solving Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equation of the Second Kind

Muna Amawi and Naji Qatanani

Heavy Metals of Benthal Deposits of Some Lakes of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District-Yugra, Surgutsky Region

Gulnara Shigabaeva

Micro-Mineral Composition of Ash and Slag Waste of CHP-2 in the City of Vladivostok and the Prospects for Their Use

Evgeniy Ivanovich Shamray, Andrei Vasilyevich Taskin, Sergei Ivanovich Ivannikov, Vladimir Viktorovich Ivanov and Aleksandr Alekseevich Yudakov

Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Ash and Slag Waste of TPP in the Far East District of Russia as Technogenic Deposits of Precious Metals

Andrei Vasilyevich Taskin, Aleksandr Andreyanovich Charedanov, Leonid Nikolaevich Alekseiko and Aleksandr Alekseevich Yudakov

A Study About Government Policy, Religion and Islam

Mahdi Najjar Sadeghi, Mohamad Esmael Zadeh and Amir Mohammad Babaee

Improving the Infrastructure of Campsites Through the Development of Vocational Training

Ermakov S. Alexander, Mukhamedzhanova G. Olga, Avilova L. Natalia, Kovaleva I. Natalia and Lagusevz M. Yurii

Improvement Plans and Analysis on Correlation of Kindergarten Teacher’s Fire Safety Management According to Institution Types

Ha-Sung Kong, Ran-Hee Lee and Seok-Jin Seo

Measures to Increase Efficiency of Provision and Validation of Information of Associate Fire Protection Engineer Certification: Focusing on Adverse Selection Theory

Ha-Sung Kong

A Study on Improvement of the Fire Protection System Managers on Actual Status: Focusing on Moral Hazard Phenomenon

Jin Chae and Ha-Sung Kong

Increase in Freight Vehicles Use Effectiveness in Agrarian and Industrial Complex

F.M. Magomedov, I.M. Melikov, S.R. Habibov, M.A. Arslanov, S.V. Bedoyev and Z.I. Magomedov

Application of Thermo Soluble Capsules for The Superfine Bitumen Modifiers

N.I. Shestakov, L.A. Urkhanova, P.K. Khardaev and I.S. Kalashnikov

Hydrotechnical Properties of Mastics on the Basis of Petroleum Bitumen Rocks (PBR)

Uliya Abdikerova, Zhangyl Abilbek, Asylkhan Shomantayev, Kamalbek Baitasov, Panabek Tanzharikov and Nauryzbay Alibekov

Formation of Silica Nano-Fibers and Innovation During the Calcining Process

N. Sepehrian, M. Abbasi and M. Noori

A Strategic Application of the Lean Management Techniques Through Lean Indexes Based on Point Rating System

P. Srinivasa Rao and Malay Niraj

Recycling and Processing of Aluminium Potlining Wastes

V.Yu. Bazhin, S.A. Savchenkov, M.Yu. Shabalov and N.A. Romanova

Investigating the Features of Desert Areas on the Climate of Boundary Layer

Asemeh Tooranqi

Examining the Amount of Turbidity, Residual Chlorine and Fecal Coliform in Swimming Pools Water in Kermanshah (Iran)

Soheila Heydariyan and Bahareh Rahimian Zarif

Calculation of Fuel Oil Drop Burnup Time Dependence on Intensity of Flame Radiation

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Taimarov, Rimma Valentinovna Akhmetova, Rushan Gareevich Safin, Yuri Vasilyevich Lavirko, Renat Akhatovich Sadykov and Galina Aleksandrovna Medvedeva

Substandard Ore Reserves Development Efficiency by Leaching Technologies

Khasheva Zarema Muratovna, Shulgaty Leonid Petrovich, Golik Vladimir Ivanovich, Razorenov Yuri Ivanovich and Logachev Alexander Vladimirovich