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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 4 Issue 3, 2009
Control Fusarium Rot of Bean by Combination of by Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma asperellum in Greenhouse Condition
M. Akrami, A. Sh. Ibrahimov, Doust Morad Zafari and E. Valizadeh
An Appraisal of the National Fadama Development Project (NFDP) in Ogun State, Nigeria
M.A. Oladoja and O.A. Adeokun
Analysis of Socio-Economic Constraints of Fisher Folks on Poverty Alleviation in Lagos State, Nigeria
M.A. Oladoja and O.A. Adeokun
Effects of Livelihood Strategies and Sustainable Land Management Practices on Food Crop Production Efficiency in South-West Nigeria
Y.A. Awoyinka, J.A. Akinwumi, V.O. Okoruwa and O.A. Oni
Determinant of Maize Production among Maize Farmers in Ogbomoso South Local Government in Oyo State
I.O. Oyewo, M.O. Rauf, F. Ogunwole and S.O. Balogun
Nutrient Balances in Two Agricultural Watersheds in Southern Malawi
Rebbie Harawa, Johannes Lehmann, Margaret Kroma, Festus K. Akinnifesi, Gudeta Sileshi, Erick C.M. Fernandes and George Kanyama-Phiri
Leaf Anatomical Characteristics of Five Variants of the Genus Viscum L. (Loranthaceae)
F.N. Mbagwu, C.I.N. Unamba and I.O. Ezeibekwe
Effect of Intercropping of Zea Maize with Potato Solanum tuberosum, L. on Potato Growth and on the Productivity and Land Equivalent Ratio of Potato and Zea Maize
Saddam Aref Al-Dalain